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Senior Spotlight: Bailey Preston – Bay Port drama, musicals, choir

Bailey Preston (Molly Pederson photo).


Bailey Preston is a senior at Bay Port High School actively involved in the drama club, musicals and choir.

Preston will be playing the Queen of Hearts (Alice in Wonderland) in the fall play Nov. 8-10 at the high school.

She was born in Illinois and moved to Indiana before moving to Green Bay when she was 9 years old.

Name: Bailey Preston

Nickname: BP

School: Bay Port

Activities: Drama club, musicals, choir

Parents: Laura and Matt

Twitter: @Hgjunkie

Tell me about your family.

“I have a younger brother named Joel who is a sophomore at Bay Port and an older brother named Isaac who is off to college in Milwaukee. He’s going for criminal justice and is in the Marines right now. My parents were both born in Indiana.”

Did you ever try any sports while at Bay Port?

“Not at Bay Port, but I used to play volleyball at Bay View.”

Do you wish you had done a sport?

“Most of the sports conflict with the activities that I do now, so I had to make a choice when I came to Bay Port – I’m glad about my decision.”

When did you know drama and musicals were something you wanted to do?

“I always did the summer school drama, but the first play I ever auditioned for was at Lineville in the fifth grade. Ever since then, I’ve liked it. I would say I’m stronger at acting than I am at singing, but I definitely enjoy singing.”

Do you have a most memorable moment?

“The first play I ever did at Lineville was called ‘Beauty is a Beast’ and I played a fairy godmother. After that performance, a few Bay Port teachers came up to me and said ‘keep going with it.’ That really sticks out in my mind.”

An embarrassing moment?

“I’ve had plenty, but forgetting a dance in a musical is really awkward.”

What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?

“I’ve had one notebook for 10 years where I just write down movie ideas. A lot of them are very bad, but I want to be a director someday.”

What are some of your hobbies?

“I like public speaking, writing speeches for different activities, writing in general and hanging out with my friends.”

What are your future plans?

“Right now the plan is to go to UW-Milwaukee and study film/cinematography, and then hopefully get enough money to move to Los Angeles. After that, I hope to start working on movie sets and work my way up to be a director.”

What’s on your music playlist?

“I’m into a lot of old music – ‘60s, ‘70s and sometimes ’80s. I listen to a lot of different genres.”

What three words best describe you?

“hard-working, funny, friendly.”

Name one thing on your bucket list.

“To have Dwayne Johnson (The Rock) be in a movie that I film.”

If you could kick one state out of the country, which one would it be?

“North Dakota, just because there is a North and a South Dakota – we will just call it Dakota.”

How will Bailey Preston be remembered at Bay Port?

“Hopefully as a person who tried to get to know everybody.”

Dishes or laundry?


Tent camping or camper?

“Tent camping.”

Ice cream or candy?

“Ice cream.”

Booth or table?


Bike or walk?



Food: General Tso’s Chicken from Sunny’s Chinese Noodle House

Singer: Johnny Cash

Phone app: Pinterest

Color: Purple

Holiday: Halloween

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