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Senior Spotlight, Randy Johnson-Ashwaubenon cross country

By Murray Gleffe


Name: Randy Johnson

Parents: Randy and Wendy Johnson

Activity: Cross Country

What is it like to be a leader on the cross-country team at Ashwaubenon High School? “To be a leader at Ashwaubenon is definitely unique, because we have a small team. So, naturally everyone on the team is close. The other captains and I try to encourage everyone, while also making sure they are putting the work in. I learned from Tannor Wagner last year on what to do, and how to do it correctly. I try to lead the team the same way as they did.”

What is your most embarrassing moment ever in cross country? “I can say for a fact I really don’t have one.”

How many years have you been involved in cross country? “I have been involved in cross country for seven years, although I was running before that in elementary school.”

What is your most memorable moment? “I would say my favorite memory is going to state for running.”

What’s the hardest part about performing in a cross-country competition? “To stay mentally focused for 3.1 miles is the hardest part of a cross country race. You know even when you complete 2 miles, you still have another 1.1 to go.”

If you could be somebody for a day, who would it be? “Donald Trump, because who wouldn’t want to be the leader of the free world for a day.”

What is your sports routine before a cross country meet starts? “The day of a race I always eat eggs in the morning. I wear a special pair of race socks, and I do an 8-minute warm-up before the race. It’s more of what I do throughout the day, but I generally try to keep it the same.”

Do you have a nickname or something a teammate calls you during a race? “My nickname is ‘The Great Randini.’ My coach and friends have called me that since I got to high school.”

What is one thing that other teammates or coaches don’t know about you? “My favorite actor since I was about five has been John Wayne.”

Winning individual honors or a big team win? “A big team win would be amazing as it’s so much more fun celebrating as a team than by yourself.”

What are your college aspirations? “In college, I am planning on double majoring in political science, and history.”

What would your dream job be once you graduate? “My dream job would be to become a defense attorney.”

What are your hobbies? “I enjoy playing football, baseball, badminton, basketball, board games, reading books, and volunteering for political campaigns.”

What is your favorite event ever attended? “I would say it’s a tie between going to the Saints-Packers game, and seeing Drew Brees beat the Packers, and competing at state.”

What is your favorite type of music? “50’s rock n’ roll, and classic country.”

What is your favorite thing to do on your phone? “I actually don’t have a phone.”

What three words describe you? “Inquisitive, unique, and committed.”

What is your favorite trip ever taken? “My favorite place to travel to with my family is Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. My father is a history professor, so through the years my siblings and I have grown to appreciate and enjoy traveling to places and landmarks with historical significance. Gettysburg is by far the best, and I recommend anyone who likes traveling to go there.”

TV or Outdoor Activities? “Outdoor activities, as I enjoy being active.”


Food: Pizza

Subject: The History of Politics in the United States

Color: Red

TV Show: “Last Man Standing”

Athlete: Drew Brees or Chase Elliott.

Board Game: Jurassic Park 3: Island Survival

Candy: Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups

Ice Cream: Chocolate Peanut Butter

Holiday: Christmas

Season: Fall

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