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Board approves pick-up alcohol sales for Pick ‘n Save

By Kevin Boneske
Staff Writer

ASHWAUBENON – A change to the liquor license approved Tuesday, July 24, by the Ashwaubenon village board will allow Pick ‘n Save at 1291 Lombardi Access Road to have customers make online orders of groceries, as well as alcohol and tobacco, and pick up their orders from the east side of the store.

Dan Farrell, vice president of real estate for Roundy’s, appeared before the board to discuss how the ClickList program would be used at Pick ‘n Save under the amended liquor license.

“We would card the person that’s picking up the product,” Farrell said. “They would be carded at the time that they drive up… If there’s an underage person in the car… and there’s any concern about alcohol ending up in underage hands, then we as well would card them and we would not deliver the product if we felt it was going to somebody that wasn’t rightfully entitled to obtaining that product.”

Farrell said alcohol could be included as part of a full shopping order made online to be picked up at the store
“You can order your weekly groceries and include alcohol, tobacco, beer, what have you, as a part of that order,” he said. “So when you pull up, if in fact any items that are regulated are part of that order, that’s where we would make sure that the appropriate procedures, no different than inside the store, will be followed at that delivery point.”

Because the delivery of alcohol will be taking place where the vehicle arrives for the pickup, Farrell said the vehicle’s location needs to be included as part of the licensed premises.

When asked by Trustee Mark Williams why the pickup of alcohol with the ClickList program couldn’t take place inside the store, Farrell said the main reason people use the program is so they don’t necessarily have to go inside on their trip to the store.

“I’m not saying they don’t go inside and shop at other points, but for this particular trip they want to do an online order for a reason, whether they’re going to be time-strapped, whether they’ve got kids with them that they don’t want to remove from the car, whether they’re elderly and they a problem shopping and walking the premises,” he said. “Those are most of the reasons we find people are using it. Obviously, it just an overall convenience, so others use it as well.”

Farrell said having to go inside the store to make a second transaction to purchase alcohol would defeat the purpose of having the ClickList program for those who want to order online and not leave a vehicle.

“We’re a division of Kroger. Kroger has been doing this for a number of years throughout a number of states,” he said. “They’ve got over a 1,000 operating units, and so we’ve got policies and procedures that we’ve inherited, if you will, from them to make sure that we’ve got the checks and balances in place so that alcohol doesn’t end up in the hands of somebody that can’t legally purchase it.”

Ashwaubenon Public Safety Department Chief Eric Dunning said he didn’t have any issues with the ClickList program.

A letter from Roundy’s to Ashwaubenon Clerk/Treasurer Patrick Moynihan Jr. noted that after a order is submitted online by a customer, a designated ClickList shopper, who will be a store employee, selects the customer’s items and generates a receipt, prior to the customer being notified the order is available for pickup in the designated parking stalls with the shopper loading the merchandise in the customer’s vehicle.

If the order contains alcohol or tobacco, the letter further notes the customer’s age would be verified prior to the transfer of products with the ClickList service available for customers daily between 8 a.m. and 8 p.m.

Farrell said the ClickList program is already in place at other Pick ‘N Save stores, such as on the east side of Green Bay.

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