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Jaguars tackle Lineman Challenge

By Murray Gleffe


GREEN BAY-The Green Bay Packers football outreach program hosted twelve teams this past weekend for the first annual Lineman Challenge on the football field in Titletown.

Stevens Point was crowned champion in the challenge with the highest accumulation of points and the Ashwaubenon Jaguars were runners up with 233.85 points and were awarded a $2000 donation from the Packers for their finish.

Other teams that participated included Baraboo, Greendale, Greenfield, Little Chute, Riverdale, Sheboygan North, Shorewood-Messmer, St Mary Catholic, Two Rivers, and West Allis Nathan Hale.

Each team consisted up to 10 players and two coaches and were tested at six physical stations and a single elimination tug of war tournament.

The Jaguars assembled Keeron Blevins-Green, Kenneth Brooks, Coby Harris, Hunter Hucek, Coby Marineau, James Murdock Jr., Javon Smith, and Jayden Wentworth.

At the end of the competition, the players got to take in a seminar focused on life skills and character development.

Linemen Challenge (Jaguars Results):

1st Tug-of-War champions

1st Bench press 68 points

4th Shiver ball relay 91.65 points

4th Tire flip relay 52.2 points

6th Medicine ball toss 22 points

9th Farmers carry relay 0 points

11th Obstacle course relay 0 points

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