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Girl’s gesture of kindness pays back

From left, Lt. Don Riha and Officer Scott Fassbender of the Ashwaubenon Public Safety Department take Mariah Weiss shopping for new catchers’ gear after hers was stolen. On July 11, Weiss donated money from her birthday to the department’s K9 fund. Submitted Photo

ASHWAUBENON – Lt. Don Riha of the Ashwaubenon Public Safety Department and his wife Tammy did a bit of paying forward this last weekend.

Mariah Weiss came to Ashwaubenon Public Safety last week and donated $600 to the K9 program.

She raised that money through friends at a birthday party and felt the need to share it with the department she someday wishes to be part of.

The department then learned that Weiss had all of her softball equipment stolen. As a catcher this could become quite pricey for her family to replace.

Well, the good karma Weiss gave came right back to her with the help of Lt. Riha and his wife Tammy.

The two contacted Weiss and took her shopping along with Officer Scott Fassbender and were able to help her get back into the game.

Lt. Riha said he feels that spreading the word may help others spread kindness when they see the opportunity.

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