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Senior Spotlight: Morgan Tiedt, Bay Port singing, musicals

Morgan Tiedt (Teat) is a recent graduate of Bay Port High School who was very active in choir and the musicals.

She was the lead singer in the musical “Guys and Dolls.”

She plans to attend UW-Oshkosh this fall and major in nursing, and is hopeful to become a neo-natal nurse someday.

In her spare time she likes to spend time with family, go to her family’s cottage and being outdoors hunting and fishing.

Name: Morgan Tiedt
Nickname: Morgs, Merg, Morgy Toes
School: Bay Port
Activities: singing, musicals
Parents: Michael & Melanie
Twitter: @MorganTiedt

I know your sister Maddie was a dancer … did you ever try that?
“I did dance from like the age of 4 until 13. My sister kept going, but I moved into more of the music stuff.”

Ever try any sports while at Bay Port?
“I played softball and soccer when I was younger, but nothing ever at Bay Port.”

How about a high-school sport you wish you would have done?
“I wish I would have stuck with soccer. I wasn’t the best, but I feel like I could have improved. I wish I had gotten into them a little more … maybe even like volleyball.”

I do see that you like football and that you were very upset that Jordy Nelson got let go by the Packers!
“I was so mad! I didn’t expect it since he’s been there for so long. Obviously everyone likes Jordy. My family has season tickets, so I go to games quite a bit. We are huge fans.”

When did you know singing was something you wanted to do?
“In fifth grade I did band (flute), but that didn’t work out well! In sixth grade I did choir and my teacher said I was good at it. In seventh grade I did ‘Bay View Idol’ and took second … then I took second the next year again!”

Do you have a most memorable singing moment?
“Probably just this year when I was the lead in Guys and Dolls, just being on stage and singing a lot by myself, and with others. It was so fun.”

Could you actually teach someone to sing?
“I think everyone can sing and go to voice lessons, however, I think a lot of people are either born with it or not. It’s all over the board.”

I bet you couldn’t help me!
“Ha! I could teach you the fundamentals, but probably not teach you how to sing.”

What is something about you most people wouldn’t know?
“That I’m a super big water skier! My whole family is. I can ski on one ski and swivel ski – where the boot turns. I can ski in water but not downhill! Also, everyone in my family – including animals – has their name start with the letter ‘M’ … Michael, Melanie, Maddie, Morgan … my dogs over the years were named Molly, Maize, Mickey and Mya.”

Name a person you admire and why.
“Sadie Robertson from Duck Dynasty. She’s a Godly girl, but she speaks her mind and keeps faith at the center of her life.”

What’s on your music playlist?
“I like a lot of music, but I would say country is my favorite. I’ve probably seen 50 concerts in my lifetime!”

What three words best describe you?
“Fun, caring, kind.”

Tell me where you will be in 10 years.
“Maybe married, working as a neo-natal nurse and living in Tennessee? I’ve always wanted to live there.”

When you were 10 years old, what did you want to be when you grew up?
“Probably a teacher, because I love kids! I’m the one who’s always holding the baby.”

Finish this sentence … On Sunday mornings you can usually find me …
“At church, then after that we usually go to Starbucks. Sunday is family time for us.”

I hear you like ice cream!
“I love ice cream! I think it’s the best thing ever invented and I could eat it for every meal. My favorite kind is chocolate anything.”

How will Morgan Tiedt be remembered at Bay Port?
“Probably that I have good character – I won that award both years at Lineville – and that I’m always kind to others, and was respectful of my teachers. I’m a hard worker.”

Dishes or laundry?

Lie on the beach or ski down the slopes?
“Lie on the beach.”

Tiny house or tree house?
“Tree house.”

Booth or table?

Early bird or night owl?
“Night owl.”


Food: ice cream

Singer: Carrie Underwood

Phone app: Instagram

Color: purple

Holiday: Christmas

Notes: Suggestions for the senior spotlight can be submitted to Rich via email ([email protected]) or via Twitter (@richpalzewic). All spotlights can be found online at thepress.media. Check out last week’s spotlight on Bay Port’s Jed Baranczyk.

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