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Ashwaubenon swimmers reset 23 swimming records at Junior Competitions

By Murray Gleffe, Correspondent

MILWAUKEE-The Ashwaubenon Swim Club sent 15 athletes to the 12 and U State Swimming Championships. The green and gold were well represented in the state of Wisconsin.

Ashwaubenon finished 30th overall in point totals (21st for the girls)

Sienna Nitke set the team record for the 50, 100, 500, and 1000-yard freestyle races

Incredibly, all four girls relay teams set a new bench mark for the season. The 200-yard Freestyle relay team of Madison Seder, Kate Schmoll, Elizabeth Witt, and Nitke, the 200 Medley relay team of Kelly Vyskocil, Berritt Herr, Schmoll, and Nitke, the 400 Freestyle relay team of Witt, Nike, Schmoll, Seder, and the 400 Medley relay team of Kelly, Herr, Schmoll, and Witt all showed tremendous grit and drive in accomplishing the feats.

On the boy’s side of things, Ryan Jadin, John Smits, Matt Schmoll, and Alex Smits set the 200 Yard Free Relay, and the 200 Yard Medley relay records.

In the 200 Yard Free Relay, the quartet smashed the record by over 5 seconds of the previous time.

“We had some great teamwork, counting for each other in distance events, and had tremendous success in the relays,” said Karen Selissen, Ashwaubenon Board Member. “It was an exciting day for all the kids.”


ASC Team Scoring:


3rd-500 and 1000 Freestyle

4th-100 Freestyle

8th-200 Freestyle

9th-50 Freestyle

15th-200 Fly



10th-100 Fly

13th-500 Freestyle

15th-50 Fly



16th-1000 Freestyle


MILWAUKEE- The Ashwaubenon 13 and Over Swim Club members (ASC) went out and set double digit records themselves.

Bryanna Bellile set the new 50 and 200 Freestyle, and 200 Backstroke records. These were not only Junior but Senior records.

Hallory Domnick snapped her 1000, and 1650 freestyle marks.

Evelyn Geurts, Jocelyn McNicoll, Chloe O’Connell, Sydney Popp, and Emily Selissen were other members who added to the personal best of the team in multiple events.


ASC Team Scoring:



15th-1650 Freestyle

18th-1000 Freestyle



3rd-200 Freestyle

12th-1000 Freestyle

13th-200 Backstroke

14th-50 Freestyle


Ashwaubenon Swim Club Roster:

(Girls 12 and Under)

Grace Aichele, Nevaeh Clayton, Mo Couch, Paige Hartford, Berritt Herr, Addison Hudecek, Emma Kozloski, Charlotte McNicoll, Madison Micke, Sienna Nitke, Paige Olbrantz, Kara Schmoll, Kate Schmoll, Erin Schuch, Katelyn Seder, Madison Seder, Elizabeth Selissen, Isabel Slather, Maia Smet, Addie Thomas, Kelly Vyskocil, Ashlyn Zeal, and Ellen Zhang


(Girls 13 and Over)

Maddie Baeten, Kate Barnack, Bryanna Bellile, Hallory Domnick, Claudia Dumoulin, Evelyn Geurts, Kinzey Hanson, Mackenzie Hartford, Emaly Jadin, Katie Jadin, Peyton Mader, Jocelyn McNicoll, Chloe O’Connell, Jazlyn Phillips, Sydney Popp, Emily Selissen, Tiahna Sloan, Hannah Vanderheyden, Ashlee Vyskocil, and Elizabeth Witt


(Boys 12 and Under)

Parker Bohm, Kaige Coppens, Trevor Dietzler, Anthony Hendrickson, Andrew Hodek, Nick Hodek, Ben Hutto, Ryan Jadin, Tommy McNicoll, Ethan Messamore, Owen Ruhland, Matthew Schmoll, Alex Smits, John Smits, Charlie Van Gheem, Logan Van Gheem, and Barrett VanLaanen


(Boys 13 and Over)

Charles Ambrosius, Cooper Herr, Jackson Hodek, Ryan Ruhland, and Nick Messamore

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