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Ashwaubenon village board candidates answer questions

By Ben Rodgers

ASHWAUBENON – There will be one contested seat on April 3 for the Ashwaubenon Village Board.

Incumbent Allison Williams, who represents Wards 1 and 2 is being challenged by Zeke Pryzbelski.

The Press sent each candidate the same questions and gave them up to 250 words to respond to each answer.

Below are their answers in full.

Name: Allison Williams
Immediate family: Not married/single
Occupation/former occupation: HR Generalist for Expera Specialty Solutions, LLC
Any civic groups you belong to: None

If elected, what are your goals for the next three years?
If elected to continue to serve Wards 1 and 2 I desire to see continued growth and successful completion of the existing projects in our village. It is an exciting time in Ashwaubenon with the current developments that are underway. With the second phase of the Titletown District beginning, I hope to see the continued development within that area stay on schedule. I also hope to see the project remain within the vision that we see for our community. In addition, I also hope to continue to look at redevelopment of the Schneider National property on the riverfront. I would like to continue to work with staff to vet projects coming into our community and assess if that property is a fit for future projects like senior housing possibilities. Although redevelopment or occupancy of that building/property is dependent on businesses and developers coming into our area, I will continue to propose that property as a possibility as projects arise.
Within the remainder of the term as Trustee for the Village Board I will work to continuously represent the interests of the residents in Wards 1 and 2. I will strive to represent the interests of our community and also see that our ongoing projects are completed successfully to contribute to the growth of Ashwaubenon.

Why did you decide to run for trustee?
As a child, I grew up with a strong role model who has spent numerous years serving his community in various ways. I learned at a young age to take initiative and be involved in the change you wish to see. When the opportunity arose last year to serve Wards 1 and 2 I recognized an opportunity to lead in a capacity that would help guide the future of this village. I feel my age brings a unique perspective to the board that is not otherwise represented and that I can be a voice for the future generations of Ashwaubenon.
That being said, I also value the childhood I received and wish to protect the family values that we have created within our village. I understand the desire of our residents to grow old within the community that they raised their families in. I feel I can adequately balance the decisions that lie ahead to help Ashwaubenon remain progressive for future generations while also guarding the values that make our village unique. My desire is to keep Ashwaubenon as the community of choice in the Green Bay area.

What would you accomplish if voted into office?
If voted into office I would like to focus on the housing developments that have begun in Ashwaubenon. There is a demand for housing in our village and in my time on the board we have been able to put projects in motion that deliver on these needs. With the redevelopment of Williams Charles Court, the housing development on Holmgren and Morris, and also in our wards on Marina Court by the river front, we are listening to our residents and also those individuals that desire to be Ashwaubenon residents and providing what is being asked for.
We are also constantly looking for ways for our community to remain fun and exciting while remaining family friendly. The upcoming Bullfrogs stadium is something that I am personally very excited about. This facility will allow for affordable and positive entertainment for our residents. I hope to see this project through from start to finish and ensure the project remains on schedule and most importantly on budget. For the last year we, as a board, have worked hard on listening to the desires of our community and trying to deliver on those for our residents. Being a part of these projects from the beginning, my goals would be to see these projects through to the end to ensure the continued success of these developments for Ashwaubenon.

What would you like to tell the residents?
To the residents of Ashwaubenon I would first like to start by thanking those individuals I have had the pleasure of speaking with and meeting. I enjoy meeting and talking with the residents in my neighborhood and community and seeing how I can help. If I have not had the opportunity to meet or speak with you, I hope to someday be able to. If there are any concerns or questions that you have about your area or the Village of Ashwaubenon I hope you contact me, or your designated Trustee, to express those concerns so we are able to help and serve you when needed.
Secondly, I would like to say that I have thoroughly enjoyed my time on the Village Board. I have learned so much about our amazing community that we live in and feel that I can offer something different to our board. I believe I have the ability to represent a new generation of Ashwaubenon, while also keeping in mind those residents and families that have paved the way to shape our community. I ask that you continue to give me the opportunity and honor to serve as your representative and vote for me on April 3 as your Village Trustee – Wards 1 and 2.
Thank you.

Name: S. F. Zeke Przybelski
Immediate family: Wife of 45 years, four children, seven grandchildren
Occupation/former occupation: Former business owner for 25 years, retired military, served for 40 years, currently warehouse supervisor, seven years.
Civic groups: Member of Life Church, member of Victory Worship Center

If elected, what are your goals for the next three years?
Continue to grow a solid business environment, keeping individual property taxes low by growing our economic tax base, maintain a high level of municipal and community services.

Why did you decide to run for trustee?
I believe elected office really matters in our society today. Our residents deserve fair and real representation on our Board of Trustees. I want residents of Wards 1 and 2 to make an investment in me to be their representative. It is my way of giving back and serving our great community.

What would you accomplish if voted into office?
I want to continue on a path of being the economic leader in this area where businesses can locate to, grow and expand. Small business is the economic engine which drives all public and private financial sectors. I want visitors and shoppers to see Ashwaubenon as their first and, in some cases, the only place to come and enjoy the many opportunities of our progressive village.
For example: the addition of the Bullfrogs baseball team and development of their stadium complex to bring jobs and monetary benefits to our community.

What would you like to tell the residents?
In my 38 years as a resident of Ashwaubenon, my family and I have enjoyed a place which has offered us many opportunities to raise and grow as a family. Our village is a great place to be a part of and should be shared with one and all. I am asking for your vote on April 3 to support and grow our village through your input, guidance and direction. Thank you.

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