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AHS Dance Team wins awards in Minneapolis

ASHWAUBENON – The Ashwaubenon Dance Team won numerous awards in Minneapolis March 1-4.

The team competed at the DX Americup Competition.

The team competed in the High School category for Kick, Pom and Lyrical/Contemporary.

The team ended up taking home a first place title in High School Pom and High School Kick as well as a second place finish in High School Lyrical/Contemporary.

Ashwaubenon’s six seniors, Julia Perock, Laney LeMere, Trinity Dufeck, Tiana Snulligan, Morgan Gauthier and Olivia Nelson, performed their small group routine in the High School division as six or more dancing at a time is classified as a team event.

The six held their own in the team division taking home second place in the High School Jazz Category.

Some major out-of-state competition Ashwaubenon competed against were Mustang High School (Oklahoma), Clear Lake High School (Iowa) and Bismarck High School (North Dakota).

The team also received some acknowledgment from DX Staff and recognition by other teams by receiving the IEP Award (Integrity/Enthusiasm/Passion).

The team also had an average GPA of 3.5 so it received an academic achievement award for having a GPA over 3.0.

Ashwaubenon also received a Judges Choice award for its Kick Routine.

The judge that gave the team the award stated, “WOW! This dance kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time! I didn’t want it to end! From the technique, to the energy level and performance to the visuals, It was just all around an amazing piece! Congrats!”

The team was also included in the Grand Champ round as it had one of the top three scores in the High School divisions.

The team ended up winning the Grand Champion Round taking home the 2018 DX Americup High School Grand Championship.

Some individuals received recognition at the event as well.

Julia Perock was voted by the Ashwaubenon coaches as the Distinguished Leader of the Team. Perock also took second in the All Star Kick Skill Competition.

Olivia Nelson took third in the All Star Kick Skill Competition and Tiana Snulligan took third in the All Star Jump Skill Competition.

DX Americup Competition Results
• High School Overall Grand Champions
• Integrity/Enthusiasm/Passion Award
• Judges Choice Award for Kick
• Academic Excellence Award
• Distinguished Leader – Julia Perock
• 1st Place HS Kick
• 1st Place HS Pom
• 2nd Place HS Lyrical
• 2nd Place HA Jazz (Seniors)
• 2nd Place Kick Skills – Julia Perock
• 3rd Place Kick Skills – Olivia Nelson
• 3rd Place Jump Skills – Tiana Snulligan

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