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Jaguars hockey recap and all-conference honors

By Murray Gleffe, Correspondent

ASHWAUBENON-The Jaguars boys’ hockey team enjoyed their best season since 2010-11 in capturing 16 victories on the year.

They also finished 6-2 in FRCC action finishing second behind the Notre Dame Tritons.

During the season, the Jaguars had a stretch in which they didn’t lose a game from Dec. 24, 2017 all the way through Jan. 25, 2018.

For their work, the Jaguars were awarded a five seed at the WIAA Hockey Tournament, and also garnered eight conference awards at the end of the season.

Tyler Roethlisberger was a do-it-all player again for the team.

He finished his senior campaign with a team-high 43 points including 16 goals and 27 assists.

During the winning streak, Roethlisberger contributed an amazing 21 points to the team.

He was awarded the Co-Player of the Year by coaches, and athletic directors.

For his four career, Roethlisberger contributed over 70 points to the Jaguars hockey program!

Liam Golden is only a Junior in classroom terms but plays beyond his years on the rink.

He led the team with 24 goals and contributed 14 assists.

Many times, Golden was unstoppable in ‘open ice’ and was given Honorable Mention by the committee for his extreme talent.

Joe Deboth was the ‘unsung hero’ of the bunch quietly generating double-digit totals of goals and assists.

As a Senior, Deboth played on the front-line, anchored many scoring plays for the Jaguars, and was honored with a Honorable Mention medal.

Graham Manders, Matej Palfy, and Parker Dorn didn’t always get the recognition they deserve for playing defense.

However, this trio of defensemen not only protected Goalie Matt Piontkowski from giving up the net, they also stepped up on the offensive end as well.

For the season, they produced 20 goals and 50 assists, along with preserving a 2.84 goals against average for the Jaguars.

Manders was awarded first team honors, Palfy second team, and Dorn-Honorable Mention.

Other members amassing at least 10 points included Kaden Appleton (18), Joey Hamielec (11), Vojta Kucera (11), and Andre Stewart (10).

Jaguars Coach Matt Golden was awarded the coveted honor of ‘FRCC Coach of the Year’ by his fellow peers.

Members of the 2017-18 Ashwaubenon Jaguars hockey team that were selected All-Conference


(FRCC 2017/18 All-Conference Hockey Teams)


Players of the Year:

Bryce Poshak-Notre Dame

Tyler Roethlisberger-Ashwaubenon


Coach of the Year:

Matt Golden-Ashwaubenon



First Team:

Bryce Poshak-Notre Dame -Forward -12

Tyler Roethlisberger-Ashwaubenon -Forward-12

Luke McKinch-Sheboygan-Forward-10

Daniel Laatsch-Notre Dame-Defense-10

Graham Manders-Ashwaubenon-Defense-12

Brett Dutkowski-Green Bay-Goalie-11


Second Team:

Aaron Ribar-Bay Port-Forward-11

Brendan Poshak-Notre Dame-Forward-9

Grant Tritabaugh-De Pere-Forward-10

Matej Palfy-Ashwaubenon-Defense-12

Matt Minch-Bay Port-Defense-12

Brody Van Den Heuvel-De Pere-Goalie-11


Honorable Mention:

Joe Deboth-Ashwaubenon-Forward-12

Liam Golden-Ashwaubenon-Forward-11

Carl Cano-Bay Port-Forward-9

Michael Thoreson-De Pere-Forward-11

Mason Paul-De Pere-Forward-10

Brian Dutkowski-Green Bay-Forward-12

Spencer Allen-Notre Dame-Forward-10

Aaron Korpi-Sheboygan-Forward-11

Parker Dorn-Ashwaubenon-Defense-10

Jake Boxer-Bay Port-Defense-11

Cameron Leroy-Green Bay-Defense-12

Jacob Conrad-Notre Dame-Defense-10

Logan Braun-Notre Dame-Defense-12

Anthony Call-Alvarez-Sheboygan-Defense-12

Riley Baye-Bay Port-Goalie-11

Bo Buckley-Notre Dame-Goalie-10


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