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Paramount offers a new way to see results

By Ben Rodgers

Staff Writer

SUAMICO – Those looking to rehabilitate or just get in better shape have a new option in Vickery Village.

Paramount Physical Therapy, located in the old town hall by Chives, has been in Vickery Village for about a month.

“I wanted to be able to empower people more and I wanted to educate and make more of a lasting impact in sports and the health culture in Green Bay,” said Dr. Bryan Schwebke, founder of Paramount and performance physical therapist.

Most recently Paramount was located inside Synergy Sports, but the move to Vickery Village and the dedicated location that comes with it offer more for customers.

“It’s all about atmosphere and I think this place represents that,” Schwebke said.

Paramount offers a variety of services for everyone from the young to the middle aged.

The first service is physical therapy.

“We want to be the go to source for people when it comes to overuse injuries, aches or pains or whatever,” Schwebke said. “If we can’t help you, we’ll point you in the direction you should go.”

Say a person suffers a sprain. They go to the doctor, take an X-ray and from there they get reffered to a specialist.

That person gets passed from provider to provider before getting the answers they need in order to feel better.   

Paramount let’s people skip those steps and get streamlined answers and direction for orthopedic injuries.

Paramount also operates as a direct access therapy clinic which means people don’t need a referral to see them.

This improves access and gets more people seen more quickly, before small injuries become worse.

“People can come see us and usually save money because they’re going to get answers and treatment more quickly, and they typically get better faster,” Schwebke said.

Also, unlike a specialist someone would get referred to, at Paramount people can build a relationship with the staff and have therapy catered more to them.

“They invest in us so we invest in them,” Schwebke said.

Paramount also offers movement training geared to the individuals who go there.

If someone wants to get in shape or met athletic goals, Paramount can help with that.

In the past Schwebke has worked with professional athletes in a variety of sports, as well as Olympians, and high-level college athletes.

Regardless of who he works with this involves creating a personalized plan, which can be more effective then just joining a gym and hitting the weights.

Anyone with questions or who wants to book a session can call 920-770-3303.

More information can also be found at paramountperformancept.com, or on Facebook by liking Paramount Performance Physical Therapy and Performance Training.

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