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Jaguar Student Spotlight: Graham Manders-Hockey

By Murray Gleffe, Correspondent

Name:              Graham Manders


Sport:               Boys Hockey


Twitter:           @GrahamManders


Graham Manders has played all four years on the varsity hockey team for Ashwaubenon High School.

He scored his first goal for the Jaguars on Jan. 16, 2015 vs the Waukesha Wings and the rest is history!

Manders went onto contribute 8 points during his sophomore campaign, and 11 points as a Junior upper-classmen.

In his final season with the Jaguars, he has been a complete force on the defensive side of things, but has not shied away from taking the puck in on goal if the situation presents itself.

As a Senior, Manders has four goals and eight assists to date on a Jaguars team that sits at 11-5 and currently is in second place in the ever-grueling Fox River Classic Conference.



What is it like to be a leader on the Ashwaubenon hockey team? “The coach and team hold a higher standard for you. They expect you to handle any disputes amongst the team, and it feels like they have a lot more trust in you on and off the ice.”



How many years have you been involved in hockey? “I’ve been playing hockey since I was 5 years old.”



What is your most memorable moment in hockey? “When Joe Deboth fell while skating out to the blue line after the starting lineup was announced.”



What’s the hardest part about hockey? “Trying to get everyone hyped and excited to play every game.”



What are your college aspirations? “To attend UW La Crosse.”



What would your dream job be once you graduate? “Physical Therapist”



What are your hobbies? “Hanging out with my friends and playing sports.”



What is your favorite sporting event ever attended? “The NHL game in Detroit when the Red Wings played the Bruins. It was one of the last years that Joe Louis stadium was still being used.”



What is your favorite type of music? “Rap”



What is your favorite thing to do on your phone? “Listen to tunes.”



What three words describe you? “Competitive, humorous, modest”



What is your favorite trip ever taken? “The cruise I took to Mexico with my family.”









TV Show:

Family Guy



Usain Bolt


Board Game:






Ice Cream:

Cookie dough








Comments on Graham Manders: “Graham is a great kid who works his tail off,” said Jaguar Hockey Coach Matt Golden. “He came to me as a freshman and asked what he had to do to be moved up to the varsity level. I told him he needed to work on a couple of things in relation to the game of hockey and to always give 100% every time he’s on the ice. He was one of our top four defensemen by the end of that season and he hasn’t looked back He’s become a great leader that the younger kids really look up to and is having a great senior season.”

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