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Howard-Suamico Historical Society needs help

By Annette Aubinger

HOWARD – The mission statement of the Howard-Suamico Historical Society is to promote awareness of the villages of Howard and Suamico’s heritage and aiding in their preservation through identifying, recording, managing and providing access to their information.

The Howard-Suamico Historical Society works on various projects throughout the year to accomplish this mission.
Collecting historical items.

One of the projects is collecting items of historical interest.

The society is looking for local vintage photos, drawings, maps, memoirs, military or family photos and artifacts, journals/diaries, artwork, documents and ads, souvenirs, heirlooms, keepsakes, postcards, newspaper articles, books, antiques, etc. for their collection to retain at their museum on 605 Maywood Ave. Howard.

The society is also missing the following years of Bay Port Yearbooks:  ‘71-’75, ‘77, ‘80-’88, ‘91, ‘94, ‘97 and 2002.
If anyone has any items to donate, contact Barb Styczynski at [email protected], Mary Steffen at 434-2947, or Joy Schabow at 434-1331.

Collecting old newspapers

Another project some members are presently working on is organizing and collecting newspapers from the Ashwaubenon Howard- Suamico Press and now The Press so they can retain copies for their files.

Since 1977 The Press has been the local weekly newspaper for Howard and Suamico.

The newspapers contain a lot of local history for the two communities.

Some of the issues have been lost.

The society is asking if anyone has old issues of the Howard Suamico Press that they consider donating them to the Historical Society.

Used book sale

Every year the society has a book sale. The 2017 used book sale was a success.

Books are needed for the 2018 used book sale.

Gently used books can be accepted at the following places:  Bank Mutual in Howard, Kimp’s Hardware, Thornberry Cottage, and Suamico Village Hall.

For special arrangements, call Tim Rasmussen at 434-3415 and Joy Schabow at 434-1331.

Sale of calendars

Fundraising is an important part of their organization.

There are 2018 calendars for sale.

Cost is $5 for the first copy if you are a member and if purchased at meeting or at the Museum. It is $8 for non-members and for each subsequent calendar.

The calendar has a collection of pictures and interesting historical facts are included on each page.


The old Howard Water Department building located at 605 Maywood Ave. became the new home for the Howard-Suamico Historical Society.

The building has office space where meetings are held. It also has rooms where artifacts are stored, restored, and on display.

Museum hours are the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month from 9 a.m. to noon.

The phone number is 434-3514.

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