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Synergy Sports Performance to relocate and expand

By Rich Palzewic

ASHWAUBENON – Synergy Sports Performance has been so successful over the years, that it’s time to relocate and expand.

Synergy will begin construction on a new 18,000 square foot facility this October with foundation work, with an expected finish date anywhere from late spring to the beginning of August of 2018.

The new location will be at 1200 Flightway Drive in Hobart.

The new state-of-the-art facility will allow Synergy to expand the services offered to adults and even more to the active populations.

Some of the new services that will be offered are track lanes, athlete recovery area, showers and adult fitness and bootcamp programs.

The owner of Synergy Sports is Scotty Smith, who has worked with thousands of athletes at all levels over the years to get them stronger, quicker, more confident and more successful.

Synergy prepares athletes to excel in any sport.

“I was a graduate of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls and came to Green Bay about 20 years ago,” said Smith. “We’ve been doing this through Synergy and previously with Don Beebe as The House of Speed for about 7-8 years at our current location (807 Parkview Road).”

Smith said the age range for people who use Synergy and the sports they compete in is broad.

“Synergy works with athletes from the age of eight all the way up to professionals. We’ve worked with boys and girls in motocross, gymnastics, football, baseball, wresting, etc. I don’t think there’s any sport that we haven’t touched yet. We just want to help them get what they are looking for, whether that be more playing time in high school or a college scholarship, he said.

“Sometimes it’s nice for them to get away from their school environment. We are just another resource for kids that want to get something that maybe they are not getting at school. We don’t train large groups of kids and there aren’t 80 kids in the weight room at one time… We train five to 10 at a time so we can put more attention to detail.”

Smith also noted that the athletes that come to Synergy want to be there, so it’s neat to see them build relationships with kids from other schools.

Synergy has a reach as far south as Fond du Lac, as far west as Wausau and as far north as Marquette (in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan).

They once had an athlete spend a week here from Anchorage, Alaska. Smith picked him up from his hotel every morning so he could train here.

Synergy also has an athlete from the Phoenix area that comes back every summer when his family comes for Packers’ training camp.

Over the years, Synergy has worked with well-known recent Ashwaubenon grads James Morgan (Bowling Green) and Jaret Curtis (Western Michigan), plus Bay Port grads Alec Ingold (UW-Madison) and Austin Sylvester (UM-Duluth).

“When guys like James and Alec came here, you could just tell they were special athletes,” Smith said. “I pay attention to work ethic and those two guys really had it every day, which is a tough thing to do all the time. You knew they’d be special, but you just didn’t know how special.

“In James’ case, I know he probably worked out in the morning, then he’d do a session with me, then I’d leave here at noon and drive by the school and I’d see him on the field with a tripod set up working out by himself. Alec was the same way… A very hard worker who was really smart in the classroom, too.”

You can follow Synergy on Twitter (@SynergySPGB), Facebook (Synergy Sports Performance and Fields) or Instagram.

For more information on programs/rates, Scotty Smith can be reached via phone 920-632-4185 or by [email protected].

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