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“Coach G honored in heart-felt, emotional ceremony prior to Jaguar football game”

By Murray Gleffe, Sports Correspondent


Coach G (Ken Golomski) has done so many things for the Jaguar community the past four decades. It was time for the village of Ashwaubenon to give him the night that he truly deserves. Prior to the Jaguar/Pirate football game, a huge tent was set up and hundreds of former players showed up to talk some football and relive the memories of the gridiron back in the day. The 2017 Ashwaubenon Jaguar football team then made a tunnel for the former players and  Coach G to walk through leading to the stands of Goelz Field.


Coach G talking to current Jaguar football players in pregame

Then, current and former players and fans, gathered in front of the stands for the special moment. Former Jaguar QB Ryan Borowicz (guest speaker) took the stage to share his thoughts on what it was like to have G as a coach. He gave some insight about some light, funny moments that Coach G had during the 90’s. The first was how the spit would come out of Coach G’s mouth on game day during an intense Fox River Game. The second was when his hat would get all twisted up by the 4th Quarter in a close tussle with an opponent. Most importantly, though, he talked about what a mentor Coach G was on and off the field, and how his experiences have helped him become a good husband and father. Thousands of fans cheered then as the man himself took to the podium.

Coach G started by thanking his family and the community of Ashwaubenon. He talked about how wonderful it was to capture the State Championships, but that of course he didn’t do it alone. He had many memorable assistant and volunteer coaches that helped pave the way for the success of the program. He went on to talk about the ‘heart and soul’ of the kids he worked with and that the Jaguar Nation has the best resources in town to accomplish wonderful things moving forward. He went on thank all the members of his former teams for showing up to congratulate him on this evening. Finally, he added, “Let’s go out and win a ball game tonight.”

Associate Principal/Activities Director Nick Senger then unveiled the Coach G plaque in his honor. It read about his coming to Ashwaubenon in 1977, to his accomplishments on the field, and to his wife Monica of 40 years. It ended by saying, “I’m a blessed and lucky man.”


Coach G plaque honoring him before the game

Just prior to game time, Jaguar Head Football Coach Mark Jonas showed the utmost respect in turning over the pregame speech to Coach G. He talked to the 60 or so kids in the huddle about playing your heart out and remembering this night for ever. It was a special honor for those 16, 17, and 18 year-old kids to have that moment.

Coach G will always be a huge part of Jaguar Athletics. This night was about telling him ‘Thank You’ and honoring this man for a job well done.

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