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Senior Spotlight: Griffin Pecore, Bay Port Boys Soccer


As dedicated an athlete there is, Griffin Pecore is a four-year varsity player for the Bay Port boys’ soccer team. Pecore had 19 goals and 8 assists a season ago and is coming off a four-goal, one-assist game on August 28 against Fox Valley Lutheran. Griffin was inserted into the varsity lineup in the fifth game of his freshman year and has started every match since for the Pirates. Pecore isn’t quite sure where he will attend college or what he will study quite yet.
Name: Griffin Pecore
Parents: Bruce and Paula
School: Bay Port
Sport: soccer
Position: center-mid
Twitter: @griffinpecore
Have you participated in any other high school sports besides soccer? “Not since I decided to dedicate myself to playing soccer when I was real young. I tried multiple sports when I was younger, but I stuck with soccer.”
When did you start playing? “I started playing indoors when I was about 3 ½ years old down in Appleton.”
How about a sport you wish you could have done? “Sophomore year I thought about playing lacrosse because all my friends played, but that’s when I started to commit to play club soccer down in Milwaukee.”
How often did you go to Milwaukee? “I was going down there three days a week.”
Do you regret just playing soccer? “No. I’ve met so many friends through soccer and it’s been a great experience.”
Do you come from a sports family? “My mom played basketball in high school and my dad played soccer in college at UWGB and St. Norbert.”
What’s it like having Coach Herber as your soccer coach? “He’s not super intense, but he’s just a loud person! I’ve known him for a long time. We are good friends and I enjoy playing for him. He’s intense when he has to be, but mainly just loud. That’s the first thing he says when we start the season: ‘don’t be intimidated by me…I’m just a loud person’.”
This team is a little inexperienced, but yet still talented. What can the Pirates do this year? “Our senior class has to step up, but our younger kids are definitely good enough to play at this level. I believe in a lot of these underclassmen. If we can put it together soon enough, I think we can make a run at a conference title.”
How about some personal goals? “Being FRCC player of the year is definitely a goal. It’s not going to be easy and it would be because of my teammates, too. As a senior I’m trying to work with the younger guys and build a bond.”
Soccer is physical! Have you ever suffered a serious injury? “Luckily, no! Just some minor nicks here and there.”
If you wore a Fitbit during a game, how many miles would you run? “I do a lot of running, but I’d guess about six miles. I play mostly the whole game and I’ve always wondered how many miles I run.”
What is a soccer rule you’d like to see changed? “When you get a yellow card, they make you come off the field. I’d like to see that changed. You can come right back in at the next opportunity, so I don’t see the point of it much.”
Have you ever been to a professional soccer match? “Yes. I’ve seen the Chicago Fire play several times and I went and watched a women’s game in St. Louis.”
Do you remember your first varsity goal? “It wasn’t anything hard, but one of our forwards took it down to the corner and crossed it back across the middle and I was wide open on the back post. I could have missed it under the pressure, but it was an easy goal.”
What is your most memorable sports moment? “This past year when my club team (FC Wisconsin) from Milwaukee made it to nationals in Indianapolis. We lost in the semifinals.”
How about a most embarrassing sports moment? “When I was younger playing flag football, I was running for a touchdown and a kid dove and pulled my pants down. It was right in front of where all the parents were sitting. I tripped and didn’t even score.”
If you could play a sport professionally besides soccer, what would it be? “Probably basketball. I play intramurals at the school.”
What are some of your hobbies? “X-Box, hunting, fishing and being outside.”
What three words best describe you? “Energetic, funny, caring.”
Which teammate could survive on a deserted island? “Probably Calvin Schilz. He knows a lot of weird stuff about everything. He likes to hunt and knows all the weird things on how to survive.”
Lie on the beach or ski down the slopes? “Lie on the beach.”
Cats or dogs? “Dogs.”
Baseball or football? “Football.”
Tiny house or tree house? “Tree house.”
What will you miss most about Bay Port? “In college you are on your own. I’ll miss being with my parents and friends. High school is kind of a free pass…once you go to college, you’re on your own. It’s kind of intimidating.”
Athlete: (soccer player) Lionel Messi
App: Snapchat
Movie: Gladiator
Board game: Chutes and Ladders
Ice cream: Blue Moon
Coach Travis Herber’s comments: “Griffin Pecore is a solid soccer player – well rounded, can play any of the ten field positions, smart and understands how the game is played. His skills are fantastic, has great ball control, is fast with the ball and has great vision for passing. I have had the pleasure of coaching a lot of good soccer players in my 12 years at Bay Port and Griffin ranks up there in the top five – he’s that good. As a person, you can’t not like the kid – he’s very coachable, kind, well-mannered, smart and gets along with everyone. He gives 110% in everything he does. He will be missed on and off the field next year.”
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