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Senior Spotlight: Lauren Lemorande, Bay Port Girls Golf

By Rich Palzewic, Correspondent

Lauren Lemorande is a senior at Bay Port High School on the girls’ golf team. A total team player, Lauren says her strength as a golfer is her putting, while she needs to work on her driving distance off the tee. She claims she’s not a very good mini-golf player and is not a fan of disc golfing. Lauren plans on attending college and majoring in marketing and design or interior design, but she’s not sure yet where she will attend.
Name: Lauren Lemorande
Parents: Michelle & Matt Lemorande
School: Bay Port
Sport: golf
Twitter: @laurenlemo
Do you participate in any other high school sports? “Not in high school, but I cross-country ski with Bay Area Nordic.”
Nice! I used to coach the Nordic Ski team in Rhinelander…any thoughts of doing the Birkie someday? “Yeah, I hope to. I just got into it a few years ago.”
How about a sport you wish you could have done? “Maybe gymnastics if they had a high school team or diving. I wouldn’t be very good at it, but it would be cool to try.”
What’s it like having Coach Johnsen as your golf coach? “I really like having him as my coach. He’s become more than a coach to me and getting to know him has been a lot of fun. We’ve gotten to know him really well and he’s a great coach.”
How far can you drive a golf ball? “Maybe 160 yards.”
Your freshman teammate Jo Baranczyk is pretty good! “Going into last year, we knew Jo was going to be a part of the team my senior year. We got to know her and she’s super nice. She’s a great addition to our team and she fits in.”
What are your team goals this season? “We are hoping to make it state as team or get as many girls there individually. We’d also like to win our first FRCC title.”
What is your favorite local course? “I really like Thornberry and Green Bay Country Club. They are challenging, but fun to play.”
Did you get a chance to attend the Thornberry Creek LPGA Classic? “I didn’t…I’m kind of sad I missed it, but some of my teammates helped out there.”
How about the best course you’ve played? “I haven’t played a ton of courses elsewhere, but we get to play Whistling Straits and Black Wolf Run later this season.”
What is your most memorable golf moment? “Last year when we made it to sectionals as a team, because we kind of came out of nowhere and no one expected us to get that far. It was a humbling experience.”
How about a most embarrassing golf moment? “When everyone is watching you and the ball doesn’t go very far, it’s really embarrassing.”
Coach Johnsen said something about your brother mountain biking? “His name is Adan and he is a freshman at Bay Port. He’s 15 and started mountain biking five years ago. On August 20 he took second in his age group at a race at the Reforestation Camp. In July we went to Mountain Bike Nationals in West Virginia. His goal is to turn pro someday.”
What are some of your hobbies? “Going with my family up north to our cottage in Oconto, jet-skiing, tubing, traveling, cross-country skiing and Germany.”
Germany? ”Last year I went to Germany for three weeks on a student-exchange program. I can’t speak German fluently quite yet, but I really love the language.”
What is something about you most people wouldn’t know? “I love to travel and I can see myself living in Germany for a little bit.”
What’s on your music playlist? “I’m a big Beyoncé fan.”
Sit-down restaurant or fast food? “Sit-down.”
Sandals or tennis shoes? “Sandals.”
Summer or winter? “Summer, but I like winter, too!”
Tiny house or tree house? “Tree house.”
Pen or pencil? “Pen.”
How will Lauren Lemorande be remembered at Bay Port? “I hope for golf, being involved in German and being a good person.”
Food: tacos
Movie: Stuck in Love
Subject: English
Color: yellow
Junk food: cookie dough
Coach Jeff Johnsen’s comments: “Lauren is a great person on and off the course. She is someone that has included newcomers on the team and makes everyone feel welcome. She continues to work on her game in hopes to achieve some goals as a senior. Off the course, her grades are good, as she stays on the honor roll.”
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