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“Don’t Waste Them” – A poem by Cujo

“Don’t Waste Them”By Cujo Batteries run dry and get replacedPeople run dry and become wrinkle-facedBut I’ll say this for themDon’t waste themThey’re not done yetDon’t throw them awayThey have a lifetime of experienceChase themHear – and actually listen to – their storiesDon’t waste themRace to invite themLearn from their lessonsAvoid historical reap-Historical reap-Historical repeating of …

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Have I been sleeping? How long, my eyes closed Now blinking, eyes open Closed. Open. Closed. Open. Quickly enough and you just might see some stuff Hidden between the lines Normally looks rough but under closer examination There’s illumination of clear lines defined Diamonds in the rough – “Ruff, ruff!” The dog barks next to …

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