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Savvy Senior: What you’ll pay for Medicare in 2023

Dear Savvy Senior,I’ve read that retirees will be getting a nice cost-of-living increase in our Social Security benefits next year but what about Medicare? What will our Medicare Part B monthly premiums and other Medicare costs be in 2023? Planning Ahead Dear Planning,From an entitlement program standpoint, 2023 is going to be a very good …

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Savvy Senior

How the Inflation Reduction Act will lower your drug costs Dear Savvy Senior, What kind of changes can Medicare beneficiaries expect to see in the Inflation Reduction Act that was recently signed into law? I’m enrolled in original Medicare and have a Part D prescription drug plan but spent more than $6,000 out-of-pocket last year …

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Savvy Senior

YOU ASK THE SENIOR QUESTION – WE FIND THE SAVVY ANSWER. Savvy Senior is a syndicated column written for seniors and questions they may have. Readers ofThe Press Times may send their own questions to the address at the bottom of the column. In alladvice dealing with insurance, investments and health, seniors should check with …

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