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October was windy, warm and dry

October was windy, warm and dry

Nov 17, 20223 min read
The first two days of October also happened to be the first weekend of the month, and it was beautiful — the air was comfortably warm

Set your alarm for Tuesday’s total lunar eclipse

Nov 7, 20223 min read
This is the second total lunar eclipse visible here this year; the last one happened the night of May 15.But unlike the May eclipse
La nina

NOAA predicting a colder, wetter winter here

Oct 30, 20222 min read
Their outlook relies heavily on the notion that this winter will be a La Niña winter — the third in a row, and the first “triple-dip La Niña”

Weather Watch Brad Spakowitz

Oct 15, 20224 min read
Coming out of a very warm August, the first day of September was the same, peaking at 87 degrees the warmest temperature all month.
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