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People of Brown County: Mike Hnilicka

Nov 30, 20221 min read
About 20 years ago, Mike Hnilicka started filling in as a crossing guard for his wife, Brenda, and he just sort of decided to keep doing it

888 Cheese

Nov 30, 20221 min read
If you haven’t tried 888 Cheese & Co. in Suamico right off the Lineville Rd. exit on Hwy. 41, you owe it to yourself
Window Washing

Window Washing

Nov 29, 20221 min read
A Clear Perspective Reagan Walker, 18, washes the window on the fourth floor of the Press Times offices on Monday, Nov. 21.

The fence painter

Nov 24, 20221 min read
f you’ve ever wondered who is responsible for the fantastic fence art along Lombardi Ave. near Lambeau Field, meet Chris Handler

People of Brown County: Arnie Pichette

Nov 11, 20221 min read
Originally from Menominee, Mich., Arnie Pichette has been a resident of Ashwaubenon since 1964 when he began a 40-year career as a machinist
People of Brown County: Margaret Ann Greenfield

People of Brown County: Margaret Ann Greenfield

Nov 9, 20221 min read
Margaret Ann Greenfield, 84, was born at St. Vincent’s Hospital and majored in Education at St. Norbert. She was a first grade teacher

People of Brown County: Cathy Meulemans

Nov 9, 20221 min read
Cathy Meulemans has lived in De Pere for about 13 years since relocating from the Black Creek area. She attended college at UW-Oshkosh

People of Brown County: Sara Matchinski

Oct 17, 20221 min read
Having relocated to Green Bay from the Upper Peninsula of Michigan some 13 years ago, Sarah Matchinski said she really likes how Green Bay

People of Brown County: Kelly Collier

Sep 25, 20221 min read
Kelly Collier has lived in Green Bay for most of her life aside from some time spent as a nanny in both Chicago and New York years ago.

People of Brown County: Zane Giron

Sep 19, 20221 min read
Having a sister who lived in the Green Bay area, Giron visited a couple of times while on R&R, and that was all it took for him to decide
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