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Bellevue plans relief funds for small portion of businesses

Apr 21, 20213 min read
The board approved $35,000 in federal relief funds for the creation of a grant program to assist Steffens Court businesses with upwards $5,000 per business.

Bellevue parks department held ground in 2020

Apr 6, 20213 min read
The Bellevue Parks, Recreation and Forestry department had a steady year, despite barriers and bumps caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.
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Bellevue board approves next steps for housing project

Mar 24, 20214 min read
As next steps, Crystal Lake Apartments is proposing the expansion of its 238-unit complex onto roughly 25 acres split across two parcels.
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Contested race for village president in Bellevue

Mar 12, 20216 min read
There is a contested race for village president April 6 with the incumbent, Steve Soukup, being challenged by Jackie Krull.

Bellevue approves hybrid assessment for Manitowoc Road

Mar 8, 20214 min read
Bellevue residents expressed concerns over how hybrid assessments are determined for upcoming construction on Manitowoc Road at the Feb. 24 board meeting.

Brown County buffering on rural broadband need

Feb 25, 20217 min read
In November, Pieter deHart and his family moved a couple of miles south, and the only thing they didn’t bring with them was high-speed broadband.

Bellevue board updated on Guns Street project

Feb 19, 20213 min read
BELLEVUE – As a part of the village’s capital improvement plan, Guns Street is headed for major reconstruction later this year.

Bellevue moving forward with multi-family complex

Dec 16, 20206 min read
The Bellevue village board held a public hearing to discuss a request for a preliminary planned development district (PDD) for a multi-family complex. 

Bellevue merges with Green Bay fire department

Nov 19, 20203 min read
The Green Bay Metro Fire Department recently added Bellevue to its area of service. The merger will save Bellevue about $4 million in building costs.

Bellevue holds public hearing on development proposal

Nov 6, 20203 min read
The Bellevue village board held a public hearing at its Oct. 28 meeting to consider a planned development district (PDD) on behalf of Lexington Homes Inc.
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