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Bellevue approves police vehicle purchase

Aug 27, 20212 min read
Earlier this month, the Bellevue village board unanimously approved the purchase of a new police vehicle to be delivered in 2022.

Former Bellevue clerk sentenced to jail

Aug 24, 20213 min read
A former Bellevue municipal court clerk has been convicted on one felony count of misconduct in public office and one felony count of theft by an employee in a business setting.

Bellevue residents issue noise complaints about dog food company

Aug 10, 20214 min read
During the July 28 village board meeting, residents voiced concern about a local pet food company keeping them up at night with noise. 

Bellevue debates police service options

Jul 29, 20213 min read
The village board debated several options for a new 2022-24 police services agreement at its Wednesday, July 14, in-person meeting.

Bellevue board talks construction projects

Jul 27, 20214 min read
The Bellevue village board approved resolutions for construction and development projects at its Wednesday, July 14, meeting.

Bellevue board approves access point next to Costco

Jul 7, 20215 min read
The Bellevue village board voted last month to install a roadway access point on Landmark Boulevard, green-lighting potential development next to Costco.

Bellevue weighs Metro Transit service changes

Jun 28, 20214 min read
Village officials have questions regarding changes set to take place in August to routes and schedules proposed by Green Bay Metro Transit.

Bellevue extends wheel tax through 2023

Jun 8, 20213 min read
In a 3-2 vote May 26, the Bellevue village board approved the extension of its $20 per-vehicle wheel tax resolution through the end of 2023.

Bellevue adds more storage units while planning future Lime Kiln development

May 24, 20213 min read
At its May 12 meeting, the Bellevue village board unanimously approved a planned development district for a large storage units on Lime Kiln Road.

Bellevue approves apartment complex expansion, eyes Costco-adjacent development

May 11, 20214 min read
The village board approved an apartment complex expansion project in southwest Bellevue last month. The Crystal Lake Apartments expansion passed 4-1.
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