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Wisconsin should be proud of Marsy’s Law

Wisconsin should be proud of Marsy’s Law

Sep 13, 20221 min read
My mom and sister were murdered — which is why I am such a strong supporter of Wisconsin’s constitutional amendment known as Marsy’s Law.

Outsiders can’t block records access

Sep 13, 20223 min read
Wisconsin’s open records law is most often used by requesters seeking to obtain records from a government agency.

Savvy Senior

Sep 5, 20224 min read
Dear Savvy Senior, What kind of changes can Medicare beneficiaries expect to see in the Inflation Reduction Act

Savvy Senior

Aug 31, 20224 min read
Can you recommend any services that check in on elderly seniors who live alone? I live about 200 miles from my 82-year-old mother and worry
Dear Monty

Dear Monty

Aug 24, 20223 min read
How to decide to convert your home to a two-family house Dear Monty: I need to find out if I can convert my single family into a two-family.

Savvy Senior

Aug 24, 20224 min read
I received a “notice of change” letter from my Medicare provider. Should I expect another one this year, and what should I do with it?

Court ruling kneecaps records law

Aug 16, 20223 min read
Let’s say you request records from a public official under the state’s Open Records Law. Let’s say the official, does not provide them.
After a dry start to summer, July was warmer and wetter than normal

After a dry start to summer, July was warmer and wetter than normal

Aug 12, 20223 min read
July started out very dry, as total rainfall for the two previous months measured only 4.81 inches, roughly a third below the 30-year average

Proud of the community, staff in wake of storm

Jun 26, 20223 min read
I’ve never been prouder or more humbled to serve this community as I have been this last week. Not only has your village government risen to the challenge, but our citizenry has also.

Letter to the Editor

Jun 15, 20222 min read
I’ve been first on the scene to talk with crime victims who, through no fault of their own, find themselves thrust into the criminal justice process.
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