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Artist Angle: Samantha Morgan

Jul 16, 20231 min read
I decided I was going to be an artist when I was eight years old. Ever since then, I have tried a wide variety of media but none were quite as mesmerizing as the muddy world of ceramics.

Artist Angle: Danielle DeJardin

Jul 11, 20233 min read
Medium/Art Form: Visual When and how did you start making art? I began making art just as soon as I could hold a pencil. At age eight, I received my first camera and never looked back, later graduating with a degree in art from St. Norbert College in 2015.
Abstract art

Kate Pryor

Jun 17, 20234 min read
I’ve been into art since my earliest memories of drawing with crayon and pencil. Landscapes, architecture and animals were my first adventures in drawing, but as I moved into high school I became interested in abstraction.
you've got nails

Amy Dee VandenLangenberg

Jun 11, 20232 min read

You’ve Got Nails by Amy LLC Medium/Art Form: Visual When and how did you start…

Artist Angle

Artist Angle: Lynn Peters

Jun 6, 20231 min read
My mom was an art teacher, so I grew up doing art projects, but as an adult I didn’t do much until a few years ago.
Artist Angle

Artist Angle: Lori Jae Ricci

May 16, 20232 min read
Started painting in late 1990’s after a long physical recovery and still working with PTSD from an airplane crash.
Artist Angle

Artist Angle: Adam Raiford Wilson

May 7, 20232 min read
I began seriously practicing my art over Christmas of 2021. My then boyfriend, now husband, caught COVID, so we quarantined instead of visiting family.
Artist Angle: Corey Dorrance

Artist Angle: Corey Dorrance

Apr 17, 20231 min read
I’ve been making art all my life. I was really inspired in college and have always found a way to express my creativity, whether through theatre arts (costuming, set design, advertising) or teaching at my Sip and Paint studio.
Artist Angle: Tommy Mlodzik

Artist Angle: Tommy Mlodzik

Apr 4, 20232 min read
I’ve always been making art on and off. I find it impossible to sit still, so art was a way of keeping my busy and quiet during the day and using my imagination.
Cassandra VanDreeseCassandra Ann Watercolors

Cassandra VanDreeseCassandra Ann Watercolors

Mar 26, 20231 min read
In 2020, when the world shifted, I needed an outlet. I am a Critical Care Nurse with three young kids at home.
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