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Divers and dabblersTens of thousands of ducks invade the bay

Nov 23, 20226 min read
Waterfowl — diving ducks in particular — are arriving on the bay in incredible numbers and will continue to do so for at least another month.

Follow favorite backyard birds around the world with new migration app

Oct 2, 20224 min read
Migratory birds may be flying south for the winter, but Wisconsin birdwatchers, take heart.Audubon launched its Bird Migration Explorer app

Bay Area Birds: Mysteries of Migration

Sep 18, 20226 min read
The experience of fall migration is very different from that of spring migration.In the spring there is the excitement of first sightings
Bay Area Birds: Birding by bicycle

Bay Area Birds: Birding by bicycle

Aug 11, 20225 min read
I have been pleasantly surprised at the number of birds I see. The area east of Green Bay has an abundance of wetlands.
Cooper's hawk

Rehabilitation animal of the month: Cooper’s hawk

Aug 9, 20224 min read
Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary’s (BBWS), that their observation building was experiencing one of their busiest times of the year?

Bay Area Birds: Help local birds with nesting boxes

Jun 12, 20225 min read
We are now in the peak of nesting season for many species of birds, and if you have birdhouses up in your yard, hopefully one or more of them are occupied.

Bay Area Birds: To feed or not to feed – that is the question

Apr 11, 20225 min read
Many of you that read this column already feed birds, some of you are probably considering it and some of you are staunchly opposed to bird-feeding

Bay Area Birds: An irruption of birds

Mar 3, 20225 min read
The largest irruptions occur when a high-seed production year resulting in a higher-bird population is followed by a poor seed production year

Bay Area Birds: The robins of winter

Jan 31, 20224 min read
On the 2021 Christmas bird count held in December, 96 robins were counted in the Green Bay area. There are robins documented on the count every year

Bay Area Birds: Woodpeckers – A splash of winter color

Jan 3, 20225 min read
Woodpeckers continue to provide entertainment at our bird feeders and on our walks in the woods because many species are non-migratory
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