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A run of a different color

Third-grade student Ky Thurmond crossing the finish line
Third-grade student Ky Thurmond crossed the finish line first and was doused with color. Olivia Coffin photo

By Olivia Coffin

Contributing Writer

GREEN BAY – On Monday, May 22, Nicolet Elementary School held a color run — an untimed run where participants are covered from head to toe in different colored powder at each mark.

The color run is a unique event that celebrates healthiness, happiness and individuality.

At Nicolet Elementary, students and families had to run the course three times.

Nicolet Literacy Coach Laurie Gehrke said this is the second year the school has held this event.

“Last year it was just third and fourth graders who were in the run and walk club, but this year the principal [Lori McArthur] opened it up to all our families and students,” Gehrke said.

The walk and run club is a program that gets students out to walk or run around the school block a few times a week.

Cards are checked when a lap is completed.

Students return their cards and for every five miles a colorful toe token or necklace medal is awarded to them to put on a shoelace or wear around their neck.

“I’m so excited for our students to get to do this, especially with their families, it’s a fun event.” Gehrke added.

Third-grade student Ky Thurmond said that he was excited to do the run.

“I’m in the run and walk club, so I’m prepared. I can run super fast, just watch,” Thurmond stated before the race.

He ended up being the first to cross the finish line and was doused in color as he ran through.

“That was easy, it should be longer,” Thurmond stated after finishing in just 16 minutes.

“I hope that my school does this again next year. I had fun and I want to see if I can run faster next time.”

The school also held a cookout for families after they completed the color run.

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