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From the Publisher: This is not a political column

Dear Reader,

On Tuesday, May 21, I found myself immersed in the proceedings of the Green Bay City Council meeting.

Let me make it clear from the outset: this is not a political column. Rather, it’s a reflection on the remarkable dedication and diligence exhibited by our local leaders.

For about six hours, I observed as the Council earnestly listened to the concerns of our community. Their patience, wisdom and commitment to understanding all facets of the issues at hand were truly commendable. It’s not every day that one witnesses such thoroughness in governance.

One particular decision regarding who would be the official publication of the legal notices and classifieds of Green Bay presented a dilemma, and while it didn’t sway in our favor, it highlighted the council’s commitment to doing what’s right.

Despite our disappointment, it’s essential to acknowledge the integrity behind their actions to table the decision for another day in order to vet all the matters in question.

As your local newspaper, we naturally hoped for a different outcome. However, we recognize that in life, there are wins and losses. What remains paramount is our dedication to serving the community, regardless of official titles.

Regardless of this particular outcome, my admiration for the Herculean tasks shouldered by the Green Bay alders and the mayor only grows. Their unwavering commitment to representing and weighing out important issues in the community deserves acknowledgment.

So, as you navigate downtown Green Bay or encounter our local leaders in your daily activities, I urge you to take a moment and express gratitude for their service.

Patrick Wood


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