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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Stanley Smith III


Notre Dame Academy, football, basketball and track

Parents’ names: Stanley and Jennifer Smith

X/Formerly Twitter: @ss3smith2006

Instagram: @smithstanlee

Position or events: football- defensive end, basketball- center, track- discus, shot and long jump

Career highlight: Scoring 26 points on defense in my varsity highschool football career

Who first introduced you to your sport?

​​My dad first introduced me to football.

What is your ultimate pregame meal?

Jimmy John’s ham and cheese with no tomato.

Which of your sports is hardest and why?

Football requires the most dedication and time in my opinion but it’s my favorite so I’m biased.

How does it feel being a senior, looking back at how far you’ve made it through all of your sports?

It’s impressive looking back and seeing the injuries and hard work I’ve put in to continue playing football over the years.

What life lessons have you learned throughout high school?

Learn from the past but don’t dwell on it.

Favorite collegiate or professional sports team?

Dallas Cowboys.

What are the top three songs on your warm-up/workout playlist?

“Dreams and Nightmares”, “4 for 4” and “War Bout It”

What are your future plans or goals? (college, collegiate athletics, work force, etc.)

I am committed to Minnesota- Duluth to play college football and I am looking to pursue a degree in civil engineering.

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