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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Jacob McVane


Ashwaubenon High School, football, wrestling, track

Parents’ names: Michelle McVane, Duane McVane

Siblings: Two older brothers, Benjamin and Tyler

Twitter: @jacobmcvane5

Position/Events: Fullback/ linebacker (football) 100m, 200m, pole vault, high jump (track and field)

Career highlight: Getting a kick return junior year against Kaukauna then almost getting another one senior year, but my helmet got pulled off.

What originally inspired you to pick up a football?

My older brothers played, and I would always be watching them at games and even their practices.

How has balancing academics and athletics been different for you from your freshman year to your senior year?

It has definitely gotten harder throughout the years with classes getting tougher and I’ve had to do a lot more studying film compared to freshman year.

Favorite subject in school and why?

My favorite subject is probably English, mostly because I think its pretty easy most of the time.

Is there a favorite drill in practice that you enjoy doing?

Probably running back bag drills.

Which side of the ball do you enjoy more, offense or defense?

Definitely offense.

Who, in your opinion,  is the G.O.A.T. for football?

Berry Sanders.

What is the hardest part about football?

Studying film and knowing what your job is every day.

Being a senior, describe some of the leadership roles that come into play?

I had to make sure I kept everyone focused more when we were practicing and when we were in the weight room. I also had to talk to people to get them to stop skipping lifts or practices.

What is your ultimate pregame routine?

Going to Kwik Trip to get a little snack, then going to the locker room to talk to the guys for a while, and getting dressed. We always have to listen to “Run this Town” before we leave the locker room. Then start warming up for the game.

Favorite collegiate or professional sports team?

The Green Bay Packers.

What shoes are you rocking with this year?

Regular shoes: Hey Dudes / Cleats: Nike Vapor

Do you enjoy weight training or conditioning more?

Weight training.

Super Bowl LVIII prediction?

San Francisco 49ers.

Any memorable coaches or teammates that you would like to give a shout out to?

Coach Weber (football and track),  Coach Campbell (Pepsi) and Labonte -defense coach, Ryczkowski.

What are your plans for the future (college/major/career)?

Going to college to play football and majoring in education. I haven’t committed to a school yet.

Any advice you would give to your younger self?

Be more aggressive and physical in games.

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