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Muenster inducted into Shawano Speedway Hall of Fame

Eddie Muenster, at left, and Gordie Seegert with their Hall of Fame stones during the induction ceremony. Submitted photo

By Annika Morschauser

Contributing Writer

GREEN BAY – Green Bay’s Eddie Muenster was inducted into the Racing Hall of Fame at Shawano Speedway on June 3.

Shawano Speedways inducts two people per year into their Hall of Fame.

Gordie Seegert, of Oostburg, was inducted along with Muenster this year.

Muenster’s racing career began at a young age as he started racing motorcycles at 12 years old in 1978, and continued to do so until 1988 when he switched over to racing dirt modified race cars.

The rest is history as he’s been racing for most of his life.

Due to current health issues, his racing has been put on hold, but he hopes to be back behind the wheel once he’s physically ready.

Throughout his racing career at Shawano Speedway, he’s been the champion of the IMCA Modifieds category four times – 1989, 2001, 2002 and 2003.

With his induction into the Hall of Fame, he joins his father, Jerry Muenster, who was inducted in 2010 and continues to race, as he took the track the Saturday night of Muenster’s induction.

Muenster said that his family has been a huge part of his racing career as he’s followed in his father’s footsteps.

His wife and daughter have been to all his races, supporting and cheering him on.

Along with the induction, Muenster received a stone with a drawing of him and his family and the cars that he’s raced with, along with his name and the year of his induction that will be put up on the wall with other Hall of Fame inductees at Shawano Speedway.

Muenster spoke about how there is a large community within racing as racers, fans and sponsors all come together.

“I always figured that the racing, half of it is the fun about the racing and the other half of it is meeting all the people that have made, you know, lifelong friendships and sponsorships and stuff out of the deal,” Muenster said.

He said that he is honored to be an inductee at Shawano Speedway’s Hall of Fame and thankful for the racing community involved.

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