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There’s something about Green Bay

By Tori Wittenbrock

Sports Reporter

Green Bay- Hello sports fanatics of Green Bay!

My name is Tori Wittenbrock and I have recently started my new position as Sports Reporter for the Press Times. I am really excited to get to know the athletic community of the Brown County area, and to begin promoting sports programs, local teams and athletes at all levels.

I grew up in a small Southern California town, Chino Hills, but moved up to Green Bay in Fall of 2020 at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic for my first semester of college. I began my Freshman year at UW- Green Bay on a scholarship to play for the women’s soccer team, not knowing much about the area, people or culture here, but quickly grew to love it. Although there have been a few lashes throughout the years, I really enjoyed my time with the team and the beginning of my career in Green Bay athletics.

I am especially thankful that I will now be able to truly experience the life of a Green Bay athlete from every angle.

In the middle of my sophomore year at UW-Green Bay, the opportunity came along to become an intern for the Press Times, writing feature stories, covering school board meetings, proofing and overall getting the opportunity to be involved on a deeper level in what I soon realized to be a welcoming tight-knit community.

Eventually, my internship came to an end and after just three years I graduated with my bachelor’s degree in English Literature.

I moved back home — originally intending to pursue my Master’s degree, continuing my career as a collegiate athlete with my final two years of eligibility — when just a few months later I was offered the chance to come back up to Green Bay as the Sports Reporter full-time.

I quickly accepted and happily relocated to the area to which I had become so accustomed, and to the community that had welcomed me so warmly just a few years before.

Although I have extensive experience with women’s soccer, I am really looking forward to diving headfirst into the athletic community of northeast Wisconsin and providing the fans, athletes, families and coaches of Green Bay with statistics, photos and exciting news about various sporting events, games and athletic accomplishments.

Thank you all for welcoming me back to the Green Bay area!

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