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Allouez 150: Continued development

Heritage Hill State Historical Park houses 26 original and reconstructed buildings representing the areas history of the area. File photo

By Kris Leonhardt


The final segment in the series on Allouez

To further encourage that growth, in 1924 the town of Allouez created a water department to provide that public service.

By 1970, the town’s population had grown to 13,573.

“With a limit to available land left for development, a master plan for the town was completed that year, recommending controlling the location of commercial development, promoting select multi-family residential development and advising the development of more educational and recreational facilities,” the Village of Allouez Architectural and Historical Intensive Survey Report coordinated by the Wisconsin Historical Society stated.

“As the second most populous municipality in Brown County, with a population of 15,000 residents, the Allouez Town Board began procedures to incorporate as a village in 1971; at four and a half square miles, the town exceeded the state’s minimum area requirement for incorporation as a village by half a square mile 55. By obtaining village status, the town hoped to avoid further annexation into either the City of De Pere or Green Bay, have better access to state and federal funding and gain increased zoning authority. A petition requiring 50 signatures was circulated and filed to the Brown County Circuit Court in early 1972. However, the bid to incorporate failed to pass at referendum.”

A little over a decade later, the town tried once more to incorporate.

“Members of the community formed the Allouez Incorporation Committee and began circulating petitions in 1984. The referendum passed in 1985, officially incorporating the Village of Allouez.”

Once incorporated, the village contracted with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department for public protection services.

“In 1992, the Village of Allouez considered terminating its contract with the sheriff’s department and beginning its own police department. Start-up costs of a new department were estimated to be approximately $250,000 with first-year costs to exceed $350,000. Other options that were considered at that time included contracting with another municipality, such as the neighboring Village of Ashwaubenon or City of De Pere, or establishing a new department in partnership with the then Town of Bellevue. However, the Village of Allouez chose to renew its contract with the Brown County Sheriff’s Department, costing $350,000 annually,” the report stated.

“The Village of Allouez began its own fire department and constructed a new fire station in 1972 at the cost of $150,000, terminating its fire protection services previously provided by the City of De Pere.

“During the early 1980s, Allouez conducted a study to analyze the efficiency of the Allouez Fire Department as 10% of the village’s budget was allocated for fire safety protection and residents had concerns about its administration. The study proposed the creation of a single public safety department combining fire protection, police and rescue services and eliminating staff positions to save the city an estimated $50,000 annually.

“However, this alternative was not selected for implementation, and the Allouez Fire Department continued operations.”

“In 2012, the village joined the City of Green Bay in consolidation of their respective fire departments to form the Green Bay Metro Fire Department.”

Following the construction of Highway 172, commercial development has found another means to thrive in the area while preserving the distinctive historical residential suburb that is known as Allouez.

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