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Cassandra VanDreese
Cassandra Ann Watercolors

AA Cassandra

Medium/Art Form: Visual

n 2020, when

When and how did you start making art?
In 2020, when the world shifted, I needed an outlet. I am a Critical Care Nurse with three young kids at home. Going to work with the stresses of the unknowns of Covid I needed a simple quiet outlet to help me digest what I was going through. I began to watercolor with my kids each day and it became a relaxing escape.

What inspires your work?
A little bit of everything — my kids, the season of life I am in, the outdoors, my mood.

How would you describe Green Bay/NE Wisconsin’s arts community?
At this time it is all new to me, I am just beginning to grasp my art outside of my little home studio.

What is the best advice you have for other artists?
Keep creating and sharing. Do what brings you joy.

Where can people find your work?
www.VanDreese.com/artwork, @CassandraAnnWatercolors on Instagram and @CassandraAnnWatercolors on Facebook.

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