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Triton seniors lead ‘straight revenge tour’

MIDDLETON – Notre Dame Academy’s boys’ hockey team has seen a lot over the past four years.
For its senior class, the journey ultimately ended at the top of the mountain after winning a state championship on Saturday.
“It’s unbelievable,” forward Thomas Geocaris said. “I’ve gone to state for hockey three times, soccer three times, came up short every single time, but this time we finally got it.”
After falling in the state semifinals each of the past two years, the Tritons made it to the state championship game with a win over University School of Milwaukee.
In the championship game, they made a statement with an 8-2 win over a Verona team that beat them for the state title in 2020.
“You really can’t ask for more than that,” captain and defenseman Michael McIntee said. “It was a straight revenge tour for us boys. It just feels really good to finally get back at something that was so painful back in the day.”
“Obviously, freshman year we got a little chip on our shoulder from Verona beating us,” forward Brenden Gruber said. “A lot of us senior boys really took that to heart and that’s why we came on top tonight.”
The seniors were the leadership class on a team that capped an undefeated season.
One key? Hard work.
“We put our hard work, blood, sweat and tears into everything,” forward Hunter Bill said. “Every single day, every morning I see these kids and we work out. We work hard and try to accomplish the end goal. We got to that today.”
“We had a really special group to start with but we put in that work, we finished off teams, finished off games, and that’s why we’re 28-0 and won a state title,” Gerber said.
“Every single kid throughout the depth of the lineup put in their piece, and the puzzle came together,” Geocaris said.
The bigger key? Brotherhood.
While it culminated in a state championship for the Notre Dame Academy boys’ hockey team, its effect on the team’s seniors won’t stop at the end of the season.
“It’s unlike anything else, it’s a true brotherhood,” Gruber said. “We all live and die for each other.”
“I don’t know how I’ll be able to leave these guys,” said McIntee. “They’re really just my brothers, I’ve never had a closer experience with people in the entire world. It’s going to be sad to leave them.”
Bill said: “Our team bonding, this is the tightest group of boys I’ve ever been with. Cory [McCracken, head coach] and the coaching staff saw that right off the bat and we got it going.”
“Anytime we step on the ice, we’re just together,” Geocaris said. “We see each other in the hallway, we’re the best friends that we’ve ever had. I’m going to have relationships that last a lifetime with these guys, and they’re my best friends.”

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