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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Chris Seals, Green Bay Southwest basketball, track and field

By William Soquet

Contributing Writer

Name: Chris Seals

Chris Seals

Parents: Andrea Herm, Mario Charles (stepdad)

Activities: Basketball, track and field

Twitter: @Chris23Seals

Chris has quietly emerged as an offensive threat for Southwest this year, averaging about 14 points per game. He also participates in the 100- and 200-meter dashes and high jump during track and field season.

Southwest had a close game against Manitowoc Lincoln on Jan. 31. How did it go?

“I’d say I did pretty well. Basically all around, offense, defense, made around 12 points, had a steal and like three rebounds. [It was] a pretty good game for myself.”

Southwest had to come back to win the game. What was the team’s mindset like?

“It was definitely a grind. We had to work our butts off just to keep going. We knew that we could beat them, but we just had to have that defense. If we could just get the defense and work on our offense, find a good opening, a good cut, we knew we could get through. It was all mental in the last five minutes of the game.”

You’re playing with a core group of seniors this year. What is your connection like with them?

“It’s more of a ‘have fun, but be serious’ type of mentality and connection. We like to have fun during our practices, but we also want to become better mentally and in strength. We also want to push ourselves, but sometimes push that away for a bit and have some fun for ourselves so that our connection doesn’t mean always playing basketball. We all know we can do something, we just need to make the right moves to do it.”

How have you grown as a player throughout high school?

“I started off as a freshman just trying to be that guy that the team needed, that scorer or that person who could help the team grow. I was still new to this, since I was the only starter from the five back from middle school, so I has to work my way into being a leader. Another year went by, I was on JV, had some help this time with some other guys who knew what to do, so I still needed to be a little bit of a player and be a bit of a leader. Third year, I made it to varsity — I knew there were a lot of good people out there. I had to change my style and become a role player. It was a bit rough at first, since this was the first time in a very long time that I was a role player. It was hard, but I managed to make it work.”

You’re the second-leading scorer for the Trojans this year. What is your role on offense?

“My role on offense is just trying to get into the lane, trying to get all the attention on me. That way I can get people in the corners open to get their shots up, or get someone down open in the paint. I try to get everyone’s attention as best I can, because when Connor [Pytleski] has the ball, everyone is going to be focusing on him, but when I get the ball, I want people to know that I will cut into the paint and try and score, or pass it out to get an open shot.”

What is your favorite way to score a basket?

“Inside the paint. I just love dealing with contact, working my way and trying to get an and-1. It’s always a great feeling to get an and-1 call.”

What made you want to do high jump in track and field?

“I’m a leg guy, I always love doing leg workouts. I’m always good at jumping high and focusing on form. When I did track last year, I was one of two people [on the team] who did high jump. I was doing pretty well, but I unfortunately had injuries and I had to stop. But I was feeling good about jumping — its my favorite, I just like jumping.”

The 100-meter dash and high jump are both over in 15 seconds. How do you focus for that short of a time?

“I always just try to motivate myself. ‘You can do it. If other people can do it, so can you. You may be small, but you have the legs to do it.’ Always just focusing on that goal, and keep on going.”

Do you go out to eat after games or meets?

“We barely do it just because we all have other things going on, but we did it one time and we went to Chili’s, which was a nice place to go after a basketball game.”

Do you have any pets?

“I have a dog who is a king Corgi. He’s about 8 months old and his name is Cobi.”

Who is at the top of your music playlist right now?

“I would have to say NF, DaBaby, and that’s about the only two. They’re the only two that are always at the top of my playlist.”

What are some of your favorite movies?

“I always watch Space Jam and the new Puss in Boots came out, that was pretty good.”

What are some of your hobbies?

“Usually I just play games all day, but sometimes I sleep or work out when I feel like it.”

Where is one of the favorite places you’ve traveled to?

“The last time I traveled, I went to Atlanta for AAU basketball with Team 1848. It was nice to visit a different area with a whole new different atmosphere — it was cool and interesting.”

What are your plans after high school?

“I’m planning on going to college. I already got accepted to Carthage, and I’m also looking into UW-Stout and UW-Superior.”

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