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A candle-lit Fort Howard awaits at Heritage Hill

By Freddy Moyano

Contributing Writer

HOWARD – Senior Marketing Specialist, Elizabeth Jolly, received us at Heritage Hill State Historical Park to talk about their biggest fundraiser of the year, “A Fort Howard Christmas.”

This special event will take place Friday and Saturday, Dec. 9-10, in the evening hours of 5-9 p.m.

“Jolly,” who has been with the organization for a total of five years, still remembers missing a school field trip day at Heritage Hill years back when she was a child, growing up in Abrams.

Heritage Hill
“A Fort Howard Christmas” is Heritage Hill State Historical Park’s biggest fundraiser of the year. Julie Gile photo

“Somehow I got sick that day and I was pretty bummed about it,” said Jolly.

However, when she started at the place, mainly helping with the wedding events, she had her redemption time.

“This, in my opinion, is the coolest place to visit in Green Bay,” Jolly added.

Jolly explained that although there was no Christmas special event in 2020 due to the pandemic, the Fort Howard event began in 2021, with great success.

“It’s extremely cool to see our buildings lit at night with candles. It is the only time of the year you get to see this,” said Jolly.

Jolly said Heritage Hill’s Old World Santa will also be present at the Fort Howard exhibit.

She said their main building will also have local choirs playing music upstairs, whereas their downstairs area will be hosted by Spork Café & Catering, serving Old World food such as special soups.

“Our bar downstairs will be serving hot beverages that people can carry with along the park while they visit the exhibits” said Jolly.

Jolly said that in spite of the evening hours, visitors should not have a problem finding the main attractions.

“We will light the whole park with oil luminary lamps, all the paths. The Fort is all candlelit inside as well. This will make you realize easily how people lived in the dark back (in the 19th century,)” said Jolly.

When asked about some of the event differences between last year and this year, Jolly said this year they will have a group of musicians inside the Fort.

She said lights will concentrate on the Fort, the paths and the gazebo, which will have a Christmas tree up with photo opportunities.

“In addition to the Old World Santa, you will see a mix of interpreters in and around the Fort dressed such as soldiers and civilians, recreating 1836, which is the main era at the park,” said Jolly

Jolly added that a fundraising sale of items will happen as well.

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