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DPI releases state report cards

Twenty-five Green Bay schools score well

By Kris Leonhardt
GREEN BAY – The Department of Public Instruction (DPI) recently released its state report cards, as an accountability system for publicly-funded Wisconsin schools.

“There were 2,104 report cards produced for public schools for 2021-22. Among public schools, 184 (9 percent) were unable to be scored and are rated using alternate accountability. Of the 1,920 scored school report cards, 1,619 met, exceeded, or significantly exceeded expectations (84 percent),” a DPI release stated.

Twenty-five schools ranked on the top end of the spectrum, meeting or exceeding expectations.
One Green Bay school, McAuliffe Elementary, received a five-star ranking, with a score of 83.0, significantly exceeding expectations.

McAuliffe Elementary, in Bellevue, was built in 1991 and named after Sharon Christa McAuliffe, the first teacher astronaut. McAuliffe was killed on the Space Shuttle Challenger in 1986.

Other schools ranking near the top include:

Exceeds Expectations (Four Stars)

Wequiock Elementary – 80.6

Langlade Elementary – 79.5

Doty Elementary – 78.3

MacArthur Elementary – 78.3

Baird Elementary- 76.5

Beaumont Elementary – 76.4

Chappell Elementary – 74.4

Eisenhower Elementary – 72.7

Elmore Elementary – 72.6

Webster Elementary – 71.2

Martin Elementary – 70.8

Wilder Elementary – 70.8

East High – 70.6

Kennedy Elementary – 70.6

Meets Expectations (Three Stars)

Jackson Elementary – 69.6

Nicolet Elementary – 69.3

Aldo Leopold Community School K-8 – 68.2

Keller Elementary 66.7

Red Smith K-8 – 65.5

Lombardi Middle – 65.2

Danz Elementary – 63.3

Preble High – 61.7

Lincoln Elementary – 61.6

West High – 58.1

Eleven area schools met few or no expectations
Four area schools received an alternative rating of satisfactory, including Bay View, Dr. Rosa Minoka-Hill, Katherine Johnson Academy of Enriched Virtual Learning, and Leonardo da Vinci School for Gifted Learners.

Green Bay Area Public Schools’ overall report card score was 58.3, meeting expectations.

Pulaski schools
Pulaski Community School District (PCSD) had an overall score of 73.1, exceeding expectations, with five of the seven schools receiving a four-star ranking, including Fairview Elementary School, 71.7; Glenbrook Elementary School, 73.4; Hillcrest Elementary School, 79.9; Lannoye Elementary School, 78.4; and Pulaski High School, 76.7.

Two other schools, Sunnyside Elementary School and Pulaski Community Middle School, received three-star rankings, with 66.8 and 68.1 respectively.

“We are proud that overall the district exceeded expectations and almost all of our schools exceeded expectations or met expectations on the state report card used as accountability measures,” said Jennifer Gracyalny, executive director of teaching and learning. “We realize this is only one measure of student achievement and must be triangulated with other state, district and classroom assessments to truly support and drive student learning in our classrooms. Our staff do an amazing job of utilizing evidence of learning and data to meet our student, curriculum and instruction needs.”

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