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Artist Angle: Paige Nordstrom

Paige Nordstrom art

Medium/Art Form

When and how did you start making art?
I have always been a creative person growing up. I would always be drawing in my sketchbook all hours of the day. When I went off to college, painting became my whole world and I began to experiment more with my artistic style. Mixed media is my favorite! This type of style really challenges me, where I can take some artistic risks and be bold! Collaging is always fun to experiment with, I can do so much with it and be versatile in my artwork. My artwork incorporates a lot of mixed media elements such as; acrylic, colored pencil, fabric, jewelry, textured paper, burlap and string. Art made me happy and brought me such joy! I realized it was apart of me, so I wanted to do something that made me happy everyday. I wanted to express myself through my work. I love saying to people that being an artist is my full time job- it is such a blessing. I get to wake up everyday doing what I love! Plus, running my own business has been an educational experience. Most importantly, I’m enjoying the journey as I continue to learn and grow as an artist.

What inspires your work?
A lot of things inspire me! I have a deep appreciation for wildlife and nature, and this has continued to be my inspiration for most of my work. I get so inspired by all the change in seasons. By marrying my love for nature, painting and collage I have found my own whimsical style in creating charming, fantasy narratives. I also get inspired by fashion! Color palettes/textures and patterns inspired me for adding my mixed media elements into my art. My relationship with art has broadened my horizons and I like to experiment in my studio, by combining all these interests in creating something different and unique.

How would you describe Green Bay/NE Wisconsin’s arts community?
The Green Bay arts community is a work in progress. I think being a creator in the Green Bay area can be a challenge for some artists. I like that there are more art community groups being formed. These groups or communities are very helpful- whether, you have been an artist for years or just starting out on your journey, we can go for advice and guidance in helping one another grow and achieve our goals as artists.

What is the best advice you have for other artists?
Get inspired by everything! Go down so many creative paths in growing as an artist. Don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t be creative and make a living out of it. Don’t be afraid to take risks and try! As Artists we don’t take the ordinary path, and go down the most traveled road. Follow your inner voice and go after your dreams!

Where can people find your work?
Facebook: Nordstrom art
Instagram: Paige Nordstrom art

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