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Our Local Flair

Brian Anderson Coffee Roaster/Coffee Wizardz, Allouez.

When he was two years old, Brian Anderson had his first cappuccino.

His mom and dad, being reasonable people, made him a deal: it had to be decaf and he had to order it himself.

Well, he pulled it off and then proceeded to develop a lifelong interest in coffee, one that led him to becoming the coffee roaster at Coffee Wizardz in Allouez.

Anderson said he loves what he does for a living but added (modestly) that he can’t take too much credit for the aromatic, caffeinated goodness going on at Coffee Wizards as the shop gets its beans from growers who, according to him, do 90% of the work it takes to make the coffee great.

Anderson and his wife Grace live in Allouez with their dog, an appropriately-named mixed-breed pooch called Mocha.

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