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Solidarity Sip-In held at Main Street Starbucks

By Press Times Staff
– Employees of the Starbucks on Main Street on Green Bay’s East side and their friends held a Solidarity Sip-In on Tuesday morning to show support for other locations across the country whose staff have recently made efforts to unionize.

The group was on hand not only in a display of solidarity but to also answer questions anyone might have regarding the topic of Starbucks workers unionizing.

“We’d just like to see some changes made at the corporate level that will have an effect on the policies we deal with here in the stores,” Charles Poulter, an employee at the Main Street Starbucks, said. “We’ve had problems with consistency, policy changes coming in the form of weekly updates, there are a lot of updates, and that can be hard for a partner to keep track of. The employee handbook doesn’t get updated, policy changes come down in updates. This is just one example.”

While none of the Starbucks employees in the Green Bay area have formed a union yet, locations in Milwaukee and Plover have chosen to do so, and in July the location on Northland Avenue in Appleton voted 10-7 to form a union.

“If I didn’t want to work here, I wouldn’t do this,” Poulter said. “I want to work for Starbucks. I want to believe that the mission statements and the stated values are true.”

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