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Heritage Hill hosts a retelling of Poe tales

By Kira Doman

A programming shift from trick-or-treating to a 1930s-style radio drama telling tales of the macabre has proven to be a winning strategy as the inaugural two-night Poe Society Radio Hour at Heritage Hill State Historical Park in Allouez has sold out.

Elizabeth Jolly, the senior marketing specialist at Heritage Hill, said this is the first of the event’s kind and they’ll be adding more shows in the future.

“We found the trick-or-treating didn’t fit in with our mission,” Jolly said. “So we shifted it to this event to achieve more of the historical aspect.”

And it worked.

Both shows on Oct. 28 and 29 sold out before press time.

“We absolutely plan on having more than two dates of this event next year,” said Jolly. “The seating capacity is maxed out at 80, so adding more dates going forward is a must. We’re thrilled to see the reaction from the community, and will take feedback very seriously to see how we can improve next year.”
The nights will begin with a bonfire outside the historic Allouez Town Hall at the park.

Guests will be able to enjoy Poe-themed cocktails based on stories including The Tell-Tale Heart, The Raven and The Black Cat.

From there a tram will usher guests to the Education Center, where the retelling of the tales begins.

Actor Darby Kern will recite two Poe poems and the short story, The Murders in the Rue Morgue, with the help of a handful of other actors and a foley artist who will add live sound effects and bring Poe’s words to life.

Couldn’t secure tickets for the Poe Society Radio Hour?

Stay up-to-date on similar events Heritage Hill hosts by visiting their website.

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