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Bosse’s Newsstand finds old-time vibe in new De Pere location

By Tori Wittenbrock

DE PERE – After nearly three months of searching for a new location, Bosse’s Newsstand, a fixture in downtown Green Bay for more than a century, has finally selected a new location for its brick-and-mortar store in downtown De Pere.

Bosse’s was forced to relocate from its current location at 220 Cherry St. by Dec. 1, and will complete the move in the coming months.

According to store manager, Lisa Mitchell, the downtown Green Bay location will be missed.

“In our current long-time location in Green Bay, we are centrally located, and customers have access to short-term parking if they are in a hurry to buy something. We also get walk-in customers from people who live or work in downtown, or during events like the Farmer’s Market and home Packer games.”

Mitchell said they looked for available spaces in downtown Green Bay but could not find a spot that would offer the same benefits as the current location.

But they found what they were looking for at 107 S. Broadway in De Pere.

A peak insdide Bosse’s new retail space.

“Our new location has free parking on both sides of Broadway, in front of the store, as well as a parking lot in the back of the store, and on George Street along the side of the building,” Mitchell said.

Mitchell said that Bosse’s is looking forward to becoming part of the community in De Pere where they have been welcomed by people that are excited to have them.

“Downtown De Pere has a good vibe. It’s a nice mix of new and old businesses, I love how historic buildings are being restored. We are moving into a building that was built in the late 1800s which is fitting for our store.”

Mitchell said the style of the building also played a large part in their selection of the location.
“Our new location is a classic brick building with hardwood floors and a tin ceiling,” she said.

Bosse’s considers itself an old-fashioned – yet very relevant – newsstand and tobacco shop.

Products include newspapers, magazines, books, maps and atlases, cigars, pipes, pipe tobacco, greeting cards, postcards, Wisconsin souvenirs and empty cigar boxes.

However, Mitchell said the transition has not been easy.

“We have heard a lot of feedback from new and existing customers who are upset that we have to leave, Mitchell said. “It is very difficult to think that we have to move out of our home. It hurts. We have survived a lot of difficulties and major challenges over the years. Most recently, we have endured competition to print on the internet, a flood in our basement, COVID shutdowns, broken windows, theft and damage from the 2020 riots and currently an economy with rising prices.”

Mitchell said the move will be both physically and financially challenging, but she’s confident Bosse’s will do well with the relocation.

In addition to the move, Bosse’s has some other exciting events ahead of them.

“We will be providing a map in-store and on our website for our customers, so they know the best way to get to us and where to park,” said Mitchell. “For any new customers who have never been in our store, we look forward to welcoming them.”

And next year, 2023, Bosse’s will celebrate its 125th anniversary.

Although the celebration plans have been delayed due to the search for a new location and figuring out the logistics of the upcoming move, Bosse’s still intends to celebrate with many surprises – one being in-store specials each month.

Amid the recent changes, Mitchel is asking patrons to share their favorite memories of Bosse’s Newsstand and Tobacco Shop at [email protected] and follow them on Instagram and Facebook at @bossesnews or on Twitter at @Bosses_News for more updates and information.

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