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Our Local Flair

Radames Zapata has been making his way through the world of culinary art since he was a 12-year old in Puerto Rico.

As a child, Zapata’s father worked in a family-owned restaurant and he would frequently tag along to help dad out on the job.

Eventually, the restaurant put together a full staff and no longer needed help from the young Zapata. Undeterred, he got in line for an official spot on the team as a 12-year old — and was eventually hired to handle prep work.

The extremely ambitious Zapata soon made his mark in the restaurant, becoming proficient at fileting meats of all types.

He became a master at getting that perfect cut from whatever type of meat he was working with.

Now 24, Zapata has been in Green Bay for five years.

He began his restaurant career here in Wisconsin at the Northland Hotel, where he says he met Chef Adam, one of the owners of Iron Duck.

Zapata said he really admired Chef Adam’s work and jumped at the opportunity to come work at Iron Duck.

He said he loves gathering fresh ingredients from the garden located behind the restaurant and that he takes pride in working for a place as unique and creative as Iron Duck.

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