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Nicolet National Bank Senior Spotlight: Ashaunte Williams, Green Bay West volleyball, basketball and track and field

By Greg Bates
Sports Editor

Name: Ashaunte Williams

Parents: Dorlinda and Freddie

Activities: Volleyball, basketball and track and field

Instagram: ashaunte_w01

Ashaunte has played three sports since her sophomore year after not competing in track and field as a freshman. She plays all around on the volleyball court, mainly playing outside hitter.

Do you like being busy athletically, going from one season to the next?

“Yeah, I do. I love it. I love each sport, so I look forward to whenever the season ends to start a new season.”

In volleyball, what’s it like to go up, read the defense and get a big spike and what’s that feeling like?
“It feels amazing. When they go up to block you, but then you can read the block and then hit it another way. It’s great.”

Is that funnest part of volleyball?

“Yes. Well, actually, I think the funnest part is getting the block, because you’ll be able to see their facial expression, and I like that.”

What’s the favorite sport you play?

“It’s volleyball. It’s in between volleyball and basketball. In volleyball, I love each position just as much. In basketball, I only love to be like up top — point guard or other guard. But because I’m tall, most of the time I get put into the blocks, and I don’t like it.”

You have good height at 5-foot-10. How does that help you on the volleyball court?

“My fingertips are already past the net just from me like standing there, so jumping and everything, it makes it easier to get blocks or to even spike.”

What’s been working this season for you in volleyball?

“I’ve been getting a lot of kills lately. It makes it more fun when you can do that.”

Are you looking at competing in a sport in college?

“Yes, in volleyball.”

Any idea yet where you want to go to college?

“I was thinking UW-Milwaukee. I’ve been looking at that college for a few years now.”

So you would walk on to the volleyball team?

“Yeah, I’m hoping.”

Playing three sports in high school, would it be tough for you to go off to college and not play

“I couldn’t imagine myself not doing that.”

What do you like to do for fun?

“I mostly like to hang out with my friends and with my family in my free time and just kind of chill. My schedule is so busy, I’m always in contact with people, I like to kind of get away a little bit, have time to myself.”

What are your hobbies?

“I like to draw a lot and going to the park to play basketball by myself.”

What do you like to draw?

“I kind of just look at pictures on Google and just try to copy those as best as I can, basically.”

What you like to something creative as a profession or are you looking at something else?

“I’m looking in different areas, more toward business.”

You’re a basketball fan. Are you a WNBA or NBA fan?

“I like the NBA, the Warriors, specifically.”

Why the Warriors?

“I’ve like the Warriors for a couple years, mostly because of my cousin because she liked the Warriors. I started liking the Warriors too because we started watching them a lot more. I also like the Bucks, mostly because of Giannis.”

Who would you root for if the Warriors and Bucks play in the NBA Finals?

“I’d have to say the Bucks.”

Your favorite basketball player is Steph Curry. Why so?

“I love him as a shooting guard. I’ve been practicing shooting 3s a lot because of him, and I want to become better at shooting 3s.”

What’s the most important thing in your life right now?

“My family. I want to make my mom proud.”

Do you have siblings?

“I have 10. Nine of those are step brothers and step sisters. I have two that are actually related to me.”

You have six older step brothers. Have you learned anything from them, maybe play sports with them and toughened you up?

“I never really used to see my step brothers, but I do have my older brother that played basketball for West as well. I’ve learned a lot from him and I played with him and my cousin, that’s where I learned everything.”

Are you an outdoors person?

“Definitely. I want to try hiking one day. I’ve never been hiking.”

If you could be someone for a day, who would it be?

“I think it would be Zendaya. She’s an actor and she’s also a singer. She basically does everything; she also plays basketball.”

One word that describes you?

“Athletic. I’m always moving around.”

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