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Local Flair

Linda Kofler’s big smile and bright blue eyes have been a fixture at The Pancake Place, a legendary Green Bay breakfast/lunch spot, for 38 years.

As a veteran on one of the busiest wait staffs Military Avenue has ever seen, Kofler’s pace as a waitress is on the verge of dizzying.

She moves quickly and is greeted with smiles at every stop she makes.

Kofler said she enjoys working at The Pancake Place because of that fast pace, as well as the regulars she has come to know over the years and the folks she works with.

Kofler said she takes pride in working at a Green Bay institution and that over the years, she’s waited on Packers players from Brett Favre to Aaron Rodgers and plenty of others in between.

She added with a smile that a particular player, not to be named because he recently took his other-worldly talents to Las Vegas, and his family were especially delightful to serve.

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