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Have I been sleeping? How long, my eyes closed

Now blinking, eyes open

Closed. Open. Closed. Open.

Quickly enough and you just might see some stuff

Hidden between the lines

Normally looks rough but under closer examination

There’s illumination of clear lines defined

Diamonds in the rough – “Ruff, ruff!”

The dog barks next to you on the sidewalk

Distracting you from all the stars in the sky – walk!
Keep walking!

Distracting you from all the dreams you had – dream!
Keep dreaming!

Distracting you from all the things you said you would be

Your younger you – how proud of you he should be

But would he? If you saw me in the mirror – your you

Not my “me”, but your “me” – inner you, inner youth

What would you see?

An ignorant, blissful, young fool

Or a sage with wisdom to share – a hug and a kiss and heart full

School yourself but then return to the surface

Because the circus is wrong

Free the elephants, free the tigers

Free the lions inside you

It’s never too late to return to lost promises

And the cost of honest is…honestly sometimes feeling alone

Those quiet dark times when you don’t feel at home

Are the best, or the worst, times for intense growth

And a time for intense thirst

So blanket yourself in silence at times

And burst forth from the chrysalis metamorphed by time

And a sprinkling of metaphysical bylines

Inexplicable high times lay ahead

If our predictable hive mind can make the shift
In due time

See, patience is a virtue

But it may be the most distant purview

Over the edge of the horizon lies a curved view

So linear thinking get us little more than blinking

Eyes open, eyes closed

Minds shrinking

Follow this dream all the way to the awakening

Because all of us can dream incredible things,

But our power is greatest when we do more than say things

Could you describe what the poem means to you?

This poem is about the fleeting nature of enlightenment or empowerment.

So many of us have seen through the haze for a moment, but found that it is too easy to become distracted, to lose hope or to feel impotent.

I wrote this as a reminder to myself to keep on pushing – to reopen my eyes when they become wary, tired and begin to close.

About the author
Whether through performance poetry or hip-hop music, Cujo shares his own journey into self.

He hopes listeners are guided inward and find themselves exploring what it is that truly defines their own journey.

Cujo hosts a monthly open mic, “Spoken Word Nights” at The Tarlton Theatre.
Contact: [email protected]

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