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Faces of the Markets: Erin Bailey – Mrs. Erin B’s

Though Erin Bailey, owner of Mrs. Erin B’s, has been working in a kitchen professionally for about 20 years, she only recently ventured into starting a business of her own.

“I had a friend that helped me research Wisconsin home-based business ‘cookie laws,’” she said. “Since I’ve been in the business so long and have certifications for food safety, I took a leap and contacted the Market on Military and was accepted to join. I’ve been doing it ever since.”

Launching in 2018, Mrs. Erin B’s offers made-from-scratch, locally-sourced, home-baked treats.

“I like to think my specialty is cookies, but I also make bars, brownies, scones, cake pops and breads,” she said. “I have been known to make and decorate cakes and cupcakes, too.”

Bailey said the idea behind the business’s name is simple.

“The name came about out of necessity, really,” she said. “I’m Mrs. Erin B. Nothing too exciting, really.”
Her baked goods, however, have been deemed exciting by many who visit the Thursday night market on Military Avenue, something Bailey said she is quite proud of.

“I try to bring unique flavors together in items that you may not expect, like blueberry cheesecake cookies and honey lavender cookies,” she said. “I also have popular classics like chocolate chip, sugar and molasses. Chai and tahini blondies next to classic seven-layer bars and fudge brownies. I guess to summarize – I like to mix the classics with trying something new.”

Mrs. Erin B’s offers a variety of cookie classics like chocolate chip, sugar, molasses, with a few unique options, such as blueberry cheesecake and honey lavender.

Bailey said being a part of the market helps create a sense of community between herself and other small business owners.

“I’ve made some good friends and met a lot of interesting people,” she said. “I have many repeat customers that I get to see weekly and have gotten to know over the seasons. I’ve been able to help some of them out with special things like birthday cakes, anniversaries and special holiday treats. I’ve seen them through bridal and then baby showers, etc.”

Bailey said starting Mrs. Erin B’s helped fill a need in her life to be creative and share her sweet treats with others.

“The best compliments I get are when someone tells me how much they love something I make, because it’s ‘just like their grandma’s,’ or ‘it reminds them of their mom,’” she said. “My dad was a very strong supporter of mine until he passed away in February. He would always sit with me and talk to new friends, he loved giving kids free cookies, so we have been keeping that tradition this season and will continue to do so. He loved making the kids smile.”

Bailey said Mrs. Erin B’s can be found each week at the Market on Military and through Facebook.

“I make custom orders, post menus on my Facebook page and on the Market on Military Facebook page,” she said.

Bailey said those interested in pre-order can do so through those means.

“I do have a tendency to sell out early,” she said.

Mrs. Erin B’s offers made-from-scratch, locally-sourced, home-baked treats at the Market on Military. Submitted Photos

Editor’s note:
Throughout the summer months, there is no shortage of vendors filling the farmers’ markets of the Greater Green Bay area – each offering their own niche products and services.
Over the next few months, The Press Times will highlight these very vendors to give readers a peek at the people and passions behind the ventures.
If you’d like to be profiled as part of the series, reach out to Press Times editor Heather Graves at [email protected].

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