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Faces of the Markets: Adrienne Winter – Winter Creek Farm

Owner Adrienne Winter said the passion behind Winter Creek Farm, a small farm in Northwest Wisconsin that specializes in natural body products, artisan apparel and homegrown produce, runs deep.

“I was helping create a produce company for my parents in early 2020 as part of their plan to retire and sell nourishing produce from their 84-acre farm and large green houses,” Winter said. “We had just finalized the logo and business plan, and unexpectedly my father passed from a heart attack.”

Winter said a series of events took place following her father’s passing, which, without even her realizing it, set the foundation for her to continue the dream, message and values of Winter Creek Farm.

“Now, I am just paying my dues as the farmer’s daughter to continue a business that I have been blessed with,” she said. “My mother still grows produce for the business on a small scale that we distribute to local restaurants and stores, but when you see us at the markets you will most likely see me selling handmade bath bombs, sugar scrubs, body butters and many other nourishing bath and skincare products.”

Winter said she realized that she didn’t need to grow and sell produce to continue her parents’ mission.

“What I needed to do was make sure that all things offered by Winter Creek Farm would contribute to a happier and healthier consumer,” she said.

Winter said her father was behind the business name and its logo.

“The physical farm is a beautiful property that includes a winding creek that surrounds the 84 acres of lush fields and forest,” she said. “Our last name is Winter, and I believe the name Winter Creek Farm was something that he believed encompassed and recognized family and the natural beauty of the land that was so inspiring.”

This is Winter Creek’s second full year at the Wednesday night Farmers’ Market on Broadway.

“I also attend the Winter market at Badger State Brewing – just signed up for our second season, and (it’s our first year at the) Thursday Night Titletown Market. We also really enjoy dropping in at the Appleton Indoor Market during winter months and their summer Saturday Market in downtown Appleton.”

Winter said at the markets, Winter Creek Farm offers a multitude of skin and bath care products –
“Products that will nourish you head to toe,” she said. “Seriously, all the way from shampoo and conditioner to pedicure bombs and everything in between.”

Winter said it’s Winter Creek Farm’s No. 1 priority to make sure its customers’ experience with them and their products leads to a happier and healthier person.

“We keep this in mind while formulating all products and creating your experience with us,” she said. “To accomplish this, it is a top priority to make sure that all formulas have the most beneficial and effective ingredients as possible. This helps contribute to a healthier you.”

Winter said just as good health can bring happiness, color, smell, compassion and kindness, it can bring pleasure and happiness as well.

“These aspects are all considered very seriously when designing the appearance and aroma of all products and experiences you have with Winter Creek Farm,” she said.

This is Winter Creek Farm’s first year at the Titletown Market on Thursday nights. Submitted Photos

Winter said for her, being a part of the area’s farmers’ markets contributes to her happiness.

“It is always a fun and happy atmosphere that offers such a valuable connection to the community,” she said. “It offers a place to share our business and connect with others in our area. It has proven to be one of our best ways to communicate and build strong relationships with our customers.”

Winter said she also enjoys connecting with other vendors.

“It has been great to develop friendships through the market with other businesses,” she said.

Editor’s note: Throughout the summer months, there is no shortage of vendors filling the farmers’ markets of the Greater Green Bay area – each offering their own niche products and services.
Over the next few months, The Press Times will highlight these very vendors to give readers a peek at the people and passions behind the ventures.
If you’d like to be profiled as part of the series, reach out to Press Times editor Heather Graves at [email protected].

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