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Nsight Telservices to deliver fiber internet to Pulaski

By Jim Paul
Staff Intern

PULASKI – All Pulaski residents and businesses will soon have access to high-speed fiber internet – this after Nsight Telservices, a local telecommunication provider, unveiled a multi-million-dollar expansion project at a press conference Monday, June 13.

CEO Brighid Riordan said the $2.2 million project will bring high-speed fiber internet to every address in the village, offering faster speeds, more bandwidth and improved reliability.

“Public-private partnerships are important to building out broadband in rural areas,” Riordan said. “This model has been successful for us on numerous buildouts, and we are thankful for support from the village for this project.”

She said the technology is scalable, and will be able to handle future demands as internet uses evolve.

Riordan said the increase in bandwidth will make using multiple devices, such as streaming, video-conferencing and smart-home devices, nearly effortless.

She said the higher download and upload speeds will also allow more Pulaski residents the opportunity to work from home.

“Nsight Telservices is the first provider to deliver fiber to Pulaski residents and businesses,” Riordan said. “Our business began here 112 years ago to serve the communication needs of this community, and we’re proud to continue that commitment today. This significant investment ultimately future-proofs connectivity for the village and will benefit our neighbors for years to come.”

In addition to the Nsight Telservices investment, the project is being supported by a $23,400 commitment from the Village of Pulaski.

Village President Keith Chambers said this is the ideal time for this project, as the village is growing.

Riordan said Nsight will look to continue partnering with communities on projects in the future.

She said she hopes that either the county, state or federal government will eventually assist with some funding, but said the time to do the project is now.

“We’re proud of our ongoing commitment to maintain our existing infrastructure to best serve rural customers, while also investing in the latest technology,” Riordan said.

Brown County Executive Troy Streckenbach said the project is a major milestone for Nsight, the Village of Pulaski and the county as a whole.

“I just wanted to say congratulations,” Streckenbach said. “You think about the journeys of communities across the United States and globally, the ones that figure it out, that make the investment, are the ones that will be in the position to compete globally.”

Riordan said the project overlaps Nsight Telservices’ existing internet network and adds to the fiber the company previously installed in the village – in new subdivisions starting in 2005 and in schools in the village in 2006.

“For many years, we have taken a fiber-first approach, installing fiber in new neighborhoods or when we need to relocate or replace portions of the network,” she said. “Going forward, we’ll continue to seek opportunities to install fiber in our existing internet territories.”

Construction on the Pulaski project is expected to be finished by the end of the year.

Details on plans, pricing and installation dates will be shared with the community as the project progresses.

Residents can visit nsighttel.com/fiberbuilds for the latest updates.

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